Asics x Bait Gel-Lyte III Basics 3: Nippon Blue

Yesterday the good folks over at Bait released the 3rd installment from their “Basics Program” collaboration with Asics, The “Nippon Blue”. If you’ve read around, you’ll know the inspiration behind it is Japanese culture and tradition. You can read about it here: Hypebeast

I heard and read a few people complaining that the the colorway and materials of the shoe are dull and “not as vibrant” as people were expecting from the pictures on the net. I have to admit that I was too but not to the extent of some people who said they now were passing on it or going to resell their pair. I still think it came out pretty nice. The best of the series in my opinion. The thing that really killed it for me though was the laces. I’m not the biggest fan of the rope laces made popular by Ronnie Fieg, but I really didn’t like the rope laces that was chosen for this pair (as well as the other two pairs from the pack). I get it, it’s the cool thing at the moment but to each their own. I just wished that they included some regular flat laces for those of us not feeling rope laces. So of course the first thing I had to do was a lace swap. I must say, with the white laces, they look so much better! Just my humble opinion and I am probably a little biased since this is my pair.

I always take pictures of any pair of sneakers I pick up for myself (I always tell myself I’m going to put together a photo album of all the pairs I have ever owned but I highly doubt I’ll ever actually do it). I normally don’t share or post them but I figured since some people were on the fence about them, I thought I’d share. The photos have not been edited in any way other than for me to add my watermark (I hate watermarks but I hate people who use other people’s pictures without giving any recognition even more). You can still even see the dust on the table because I was too lazy to clean it or to edit it out. I did try my best to capture the true color of the sneaker but I admit I didn’t go as far as to color correct because…honestly, it’s really not THAT serious and I don’t get paid to do this. LOL Enjoy the pictures anyway!

Till next time!

WDYWT: Nike Air Max 1 Shima

Been pretty busy with the “new old job” which is why I haven’t posted much lately. Even my Instagram posting has slow down a bit. I never got around to posting these shots any where so I figured I might as well post a new blog. I edited it a little different than my normal “style” of editing my “feet selfies”. I like how it came out though. I also love how it looks like I went on this cool “hike” adventure or something like that when in reality that’s just my backyard. It’s all about perspective and how you frame your shot lol

Till Next Time,

World of Dance Los Angeles 4/12/14

Last week on April 12, 2014, my friends over at World of Dance kicked off their US tour as they always do here in Los Angeles, California. They’re now going on their 6th year of existence and are still going stronger then ever. I’ve lost count of all of the events I’ve been to as a volunteer for WOD, as a dancer with Hall of Fame Dance Team, and as an advisor for my old college team, Barkada Modern but each event has always been a definite experience. My first time actually staying in Hawaii and going to New York was with World of Dance. So I’m always very thankful for my friends over there. This time around, I simply came to hang out and enjoy the event as a spectator and grab a few shots to share. Thanks to Vince and Myron for always taking care of me!

Obligatory shots of LA as you drive into the city

When I got there, there was still a long line to get in. I assumed that they hadn’t opened the doors yet but later I found out that it had been opened for an hour or so already. It looked to be a pretty big event as usual.

I decided to grab a couple of shots around the area before walking in.

Figueroa and Staples. I believe there was a Clippers game that day as well as a Kings game.

It’s still crazy for me to see billboards and hear radio ads for the event.

Just a fixed up GTR crossing Figueroa and Pico. No big deal.

First thing I see as I walk in, GRV’s junior team, GRaVy Babies, getting some last minute cleaning before they hit the stage.


Topdown Meet 3-14-14 Recap

A week ago, we had our first meet in a LONG TIME! We started the meet back in 2006 and use to have it every two weeks. However as the years passed, we got older, people moved on, some sold their S2000s, some got married and some started families. It became harder to get together every two weeks to hang out and talk about cars. However, we never lost touched. A few still hang out daily and some were there for each other’s weddings and other significant events. Also, for the past couple of years or so, we still met up at least twice a year (for our annual anniversary party and our annual Christmas Toy Drive Party). However, we hadn’t had an actual meet in a long time. Last week, we decided to get together and have an actual meet. It was definitely good to see everyone and take out the cars again. The caravan to our second spot brought back so many memories. I missed the caravans the most. Hopefully, we’ll have another meet again sooner than later.

Here are the pictures I took from the meet. I tried to edit as much of the noise out from the pictures due to using such a high ISO on my Canon T3i (I forgot my flash), but this was the best I could do. I’m ready to upgrade my camera. Soon hopefully. Enjoy the pictures!

It’s not often that all 3 of us from the crew with yellow s2000s showed up. Kenny and I’s Spa Yellow AP1s

John Remus’s AP1 on Pro-Drives

Mike’s NSX and Hai’s Imprezza


What I Wore Today – February 24, 2014

Original 1994 Nike Air Structure Triax

I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was the beginning of the school year in 1994. I had asked my mom to drop me off at the Micronesia Mall back on Guam. I walked into the Athlete’s Foot looking for new shoes to wear for every day use. Every year I’d get two pair of shoes, one basketball shoe for the basketball season and one shoe to use everyday. I would have normally got another pair of skateboarding shoes (Airwalk Ones were top on my list then) but that summer I had started break dancing again. I was looking for something that would not only look good but would feel comfortable when someone would play Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” and the bboy circle was going down. Most of my friends of course were rocking Adidas Shell Toes and Puma Clydes so naturally I wanted to be different. I was already a big fan of the Swoosh by then because of their basketball shoes so I decided to pick up a pair of Nike running shoes. I can’t remember exactly why I picked a pair of Air Structure Triax like the ones I wore today (in a different colorway). I do remember thinking that the lace locks was the coolest thing ever! So a $100+ out of my wallet later, I now owned my first pair of Nike running shoes. A day to remember.

Till Next time, I live you with this:

What I Wore Today – February 22, 2014

Nike Air Huarache LE “Scream Green” (1999)

One of my favorite pair of Huaraches. You can never go wrong with the original “Scream Green” colorway. I heard they’re re-retroing them again this year…with the original sole and not the bastard Free Sole. I hope Nike gets the shape at least somewhat right. I would love to own another pair that I’m not worrying about the midsole separating (getting pretty bad with this pair) and the ankle strap breaking every time I put it on. One can hope.

Till Next Time!

What I Wore Today – February 21, 2014

Nike x Patta Air Max 1 “Chlorophyll Green”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Haven’t had much to really post about and I’ve been lazy to post my “sneaker shots” since I post them all over on forums and social media. However, I’ve recently been messing around with my editing style so I figured I’d post this set today. Ever since I got my DSLR and taught myself how to edit in Lightroom, I never really understood why people would edit their pictures to purposely look “vintage”, have the colors washed out, grainy, etc. I mean, you paid $1000+ dollars on a camera and fancy lens, why would you want it to look like you just took a picture with an old camera. I figured it was just a trendy thing to do (especially with the popularity of IG and their filters and Tumblr’s love for “vintage”). For me when I first took up this hobby (yes, it’s a hobby for me, i don’t get paid to do this…although I wish I could be), I wanted my pictures to be as sharp and as vibrant as can be. Oh and I HATED grainy pictures. But as time has passed since I’ve started this hobby, I started to see that photographers weren’t just doing it because it was trendy (okay, maybe some) but because photography is about telling a story with your pictures. The way you compose your shot and even the way you edit it, can invoke different feelings and emotions. Plus it’s all about the photographer’s personal style. Granted these are just feet selfies that only sneaker nerds care about, it doesn’t hurt to practice different styles. Either way, enjoy the shots (or hate on them if you like).

I really like how that last shot came out with my neighbor’s vintage truck in the background. I just wish I got more of the truck in focus. I would have taken more shots but it’s pretty awkward taking sneaker shots where everyone in the neighborhood can see what you’re doing.