#rucksofresh update – Feb. 20, 2015

Been a while since I last updated this. I actually updated my build thread on totalruckus.com but never got a chance to post it in here (hence the date being Feb. 20, 2015). So what’s new with Project Rucksofresh? Well, I finally decided to do the tear down after a slight mishap on the last ride I went on a month or so ago(my exhaust header cracking straight off at the flange).

I began by cleaning up the 180cc GY6 the best I could. Decided against painting it black because it doesn’t fit the overall look I’m going for.

Installed the Taida starter I bought along with putting the clutch back on with the Ban Jing clutch cover

^For the old school SoCal Ruckus guys, you might recognize the CVT cover in the background. Next I upgraded from the old 8-pole stator to a brand new 11-pole stator and installed a “chrome” Hoca fan.

Put the ATR rear disc brake back on and this is how the motor stands as of now:

Hoping to put the plastic covers back on this weekend and the carb and it should be ready to go on the Ruckus.

Also began removing all the parts I’m replacing on the Ruckus itself.

Found a crack in the the block of my old 150cc GY6 that I didn’t see before. Guess it was really meant to be replaced.

As everything stands now:

I really need to get cracking and finish this. Killer Scooter’s Super Sunday ride is a little over a month away. Hoping to get some work in this weekend but we’ll see with how busy I’ve been lately with both jobs.

Till the next update.

#rucksofresh: Chimera X-Factor Footrest Install for Honda Ruckus

Don’t you hate it when you go to a store with the intention of buying one small thing but end up leaving with something or more than one thing you had no intention of getting? Happens to me all the time I go to Target. But in this case, it happened on a little visit to the guys over at Steady Garage. After a recent ride on my project scooter, “Rucksofresh”, I found out that one of the exhaust flange bolts had vibrated off my exhaust header. I’m willing to bet this was probably the main cause of why my Ruckus has been riding poorly lately, bogging and backfiring. I also found that my exhaust gasket had gotten pretty burnt. So with the intention of just picking up the exhaust gasket, I headed over to Steady Garage.

While there, i saw one of the newly released Chimera X-Factor Foot Rest on one of their projects, “Dirty Vegas”

I had seen pictures of it on their instagram and facebook but I really had no intention of getting it since I already just purchased the MPAB Foot Brace. My thoughts changed after seeing it in person. I was really digging the look of it. I mean it does add the possibility to have front foot pegs and now I can strap items down if I need to carry something, but really, I just thought it looked cool LOL So with less money in my pocket than I had anticipated, I went home with one of their flat black versions.


#rucksofresh: October Update

Been a while since I last posted anything. Haven’t really been riding as much either because the Ruck lost some power and feels like something isn’t running right. The original owner had Dr. Pulley Sliders in there so I thought maybe there were going bad so I decide to look into that and change the OEM GY6 belt as well with a Gates Powerlink belt:

The Dr. Pulley Sliders did show some wear (forgot to take pictures of it) so I decided to replace it with a fresh set of 11g along with the belt. Some of the power felt like it came back but it still didn’t feel like it was running right. My next thing to look into is cleaning the carb and re-tuning. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I miss riding.

While I had the bike down, I decided to change out a few things. Swapped out the MNNTHBX Turtlehead with a sequential R1 rear tail light:

I like the Turtlehead but just felt cars couldn’t see it enough. Really happy with the R1 tail light:

I was going to wait for the tear down to install my new Rpro Handlebar from Rucksters but since I was installing my Koso XR-SR speedometer to make sure it was working, I decided to install it already along with my NCY quick throttle:

LOVE my new handle bar set up. So much more comfortable than my previous set up and it definitely makes taking off the BB alot easier. Couldn’t install my Stage6 control because I’m still sorting out my new brake levers.

The Koso XR-SR is pretty neat though it gave me a lot more headache than I was expecting it to (Note: make sure you have the right brown wire for the 12v power :headbashing: ). I don’t think it’s totally running right yet. For whatever reason, when my headlight isn’t plugged in, the high beam and low beam indicators work as they should. However, when the headlight is plugged in, both high beam and low beam indicators are on whenever i’m not actually moving. Once I’m moving, the indicator for the light not being used will turn off (so if i’m using my low beam, both indicator lights will be on, but once I start moving, only the low beam indicator will remain on and the high beam indicator will turn off). Also, when at idle, the fuel gauge is as it should but once the rpms go up, the fuel gauge goes up with it. My theory on that is because i’m currently running the tach wire next to the wire for the fuel sending unit. I’m going to separate them next time I get back in there.

Also installed a Koso volt gauge. I’m still iffy about my placement of both gauges. I dont like that I still have to look down to see them. May switch them around to the top of the handle bar.

Installed some push buttons in the battery box for the start button and kill switch.

Picked up an MPAB foot bar from Steady Garage. While bleeding my front brakes, I spilled some brake fluid on my fuel tank cover which made the corner a little brittle and I ended up cracking it when i was trying to bolt down the foot bar and the fuel tank cover. Pretty bummed about that…

Installed the FLP front frame cover. Probably going to get this powdercoated to match the frame in the future…or have it polished. We’ll see.

A friend of mine decided to replace his big bore 180cc GY6 and ATR rear disc brakes with a Zuma 125 set up, so I ended up working out a deal with him for his motor and rear wheel (crappy pics):

I did find that the rear brake caliper was cracked unfortunately

Going to have to figure out if I’m going to replace it with similar rear brake caliper from another Chinese GY6 scooter or figure out a bracket to run a PH80 style caliper.

I got a few more parts that came in for the re-build but I’ll wait till my next time to post those.

Till next time,

#rucksofresh: Ride to the Alma Mater

This past Sunday, I went to visit my Alma Mater, Cal Poly Pomona, to meet up with some friends from the old college hip hop dance team, Barkada Modern. I figured I might as well use it as an excuse to take out the Ruck and get some riding in. I decided to bring the DSLR with me and grab some obligatory “parking structure” pictures. I mean, I might as well make use of that parking structure. I helped pay for it and it wasn’t even finished being built till after I graduated!

Enjoy the pictures!

This one turned out to be my favorite shot of the day:

Till next time,


#rucksofresh: BR Lowered Headlight Bracket

Recently installed the “BR Lowered Headlight Bracket” from Total Ruckus member “Brandonryan”. Installation was simple and it came out looking pretty cool even though it wasn’t powdercoated blue like the rest of my headlight bracket. Tip: Might want to use a washer with the nuts that come with the bracket. I can’t seem to get the bolts tightened down to keep the headlight bracket form moving up and down. Since i mostly ride ride during the day at the moment, not a big deal. I’ll eventually get some washers in there:

“Made in the USA”

Project #rucksofresh: Cookie Cutter Mods

Although I already have a vision of what I want my Ruckus to look like in the end, I decided to hold off from doing a total tear down and rebuild till later so I can still enjoy riding the Ruck for the moment. I didn’t want it to just sit there in pieces as I try to gather all the parts (not to mention come up with the money for the parts). So I decided I’d do some minor things here and there (while still keeping the overall picture in mind) as I gathered the parts for the Ruck. I decided to start with some typical mods (aka “cookie cutter” mods) just to freshen up the look. However, before doing so, I decided to do some maintenance since I wasn’t exactly sure the last time the previous owner did so.

I began by changing the motor oil and gear oil in the GY6. Everything came out still looking fresh but I figured I might as well have changed it for some piece of mind. I also bought a new spark plug but it appeared that the original one was barely used.

Next I decided to clean up some wiring that the previous owner had just hanging around.

Not great but I was able to hide the wires for the most part. Eventually when I get around to doing the total rebuild, I’ll do a “wire tuck” or “semi wire tuck”. In keeping with the “maintenance” part of things, I also purchased a battery tender (or “maintainer” as this one was called) with a quick disconnect so I could install it on the Ruck and be able to charge the battery without always having to remove the battery box.

One of the first mods I made sure to get was this Fuel Tank Cover by NCY. I couldn’t stand looking at that bare fuel tank. I liked that it already came in a glossy white to match(although not exactly) my brand new battery box from Partzilla.

While I was at it, I decided to add some dress-up items including a washer kit and fuel cap from Password JDM and an NCY dipstick.


Project #RucksoFresh: Introduction

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog. The typical excuse, been busy, and quite frankly, not much to blog about lately. However with this new project of mine, I think it might be time to bring it back from the grave. So with that I introduce to you, “Project RucksoFresh”:

Yes, after many years of wanting one, I finally own a Honda Ruckus scooter. I originally wanted one 2008-2009ish and a few of my friends actually got some. I even got my motorcycle permit at that time. However, I never actually went through and purchased one. I recently got the itch to own one again, thanks in part to the homies, Rainier and Delmar. We made a small pact that if one of us finally broke and got one, the others would have to follow. To be honest, I didn’t think it was going to happen because I was so sure “Mrs. TheCoolShoeShine” would never let him own one. But when she finally gave in and Rainier told us he purchased one, it was only a matter of time before Delmar and I would give in.

So for the past few weeks, I searched all over the internet and joined every Ruckus Facebook group, looking for a good deal on one. I knew i didn’t want a stock one so I was hoping to find one that was lightly modded already, particularly one that already had a GY6 150cc motor in it. I didn’t want a fully built one because I knew I’d still want to tinker with it myself and I didn’t want a bone stock one because I know I would eventually do a gy6 swap anyway. I came across a couple in San Diego who were selling two of them for a deal, if you bought both of them. So with a little help, Delmar and I decided to make the trip down and pick up both of them.

Pic I took on my iphone when we got back to our area with both bikes. We were planning to flip a coin to see which person got which Ruckus but I decided to go ahead and take the blue one, under certain conditions of course. It was a little rough around the edges compared to the white one, but overall, I’m looking forward to this build. My biggest gripe would be it came with the “Killer Scooter” GY6 motor mount which means I can’t run a “fatty wheel” setup in the rear. But I think I’m over that now. And to be honest, I’ve sorta grown to like the skinny rear wheel. I just wish there was more options for nice looking skinny rear wheels. I’ll probably switch to a mount that can run the fatty rear wheel setup eventually…maybe if I decide to go to a Zuma 125cc motor. Time will tell.

Parts for “Phase 1” are already here and ready to be installed:

I’ll be updating this blog when ever there are any changes to the bike made, so stay tuned. For now, enjoy more pictures I took of Project #RucksoFresh: