Killer Super Sunday 2016 – May 1, 2016

This past Sunday (May 1, 2016) was the annual Total Ruckus Killer Scooter Super Sunday Meet and Ride in Southern California. Unlike last year where I attended as a spectator, this year, my current Ruckus was ready and I was able to attend and go on the actual ride…well, most of it at least. One of the guys who I rode with this year had work and was also having issues with his Ruckus barely being able to go 30mph. So after the first gas stop of the ride, we decided to turn around and head back. However, considering I rode all the way from my house in Pomona, CA to the meet up spot in Long Beach and then the first portion of the ride, I think overrall, I got my ride’s worth for Super Sunday. My body was aching by the time I got home so I can only imagine how I would have felt if I had done the whole ride to Pechanga and back. Maybe next year, we’ll truck the bikes to the first meet up spot and do the whole ride. Who knows, but I’m definitely looking forward to next year. Hopefully next year, I’ll have the Ruckus ready to go a week before the event so I can join in the Super Sunday pre-parties that they normally have at Steady Garage, Drowsports, and Rucksters. One thing I learned this year is that the day of the ride is such a rush, you really don’t get to stop, check out the bikes and talk/meet fellow owners. I hope to make it a point to chill and meet more people next year.

On to the pictures. I didn’t take as many pictures as I did at last year’s meet for two reasons. One, it seems like there was alot more bikes this year and everyone parked in bunches and clumps, making it hard to get a lot of decent shots of the bikes. Two, I kept getting scared that I’d get left behind while putting my gear back into my backpack so I ended up putting my camera away early which means I also didn’t get any shots of people on their bikes. Here are a few shots I got that day. The rest can be found on my flickr account here: FLICKR

First meet up spot at Drowsports.

Riderz Blok and San Diego came out in full force.

A few of the guys from OC Ruckin. I still have to come out to one of their Tuesday night rides.

I LOVE these Work Equip style wheels that FLP Parts did for Sherbo’s “Gangrene”. Hands down, my favorite new wheel that I saw. I wouldn’t mind running a set of my own on my Ruckus.

Some of the guys from Rucksters Customs. It was difficult to catch the true color of that orange on the Zuma but it was so nice in person.

One of my favorite Zuma 125s(the other one would be that teal one with the CF seat but I didn’t get a chance to grab a shot of it)

Hannah from Steady Garage showing the boys she doesn’t mess around.

Cue the Adam West Batman theme song.

“Ride it till it’s DEAD, Fix it till you’re BROKE. DEAD BROKE CREW.

@toaneazzy’s classy Met build. Love this. If I were to build a Met, it would definitely be along these lines. Wish I had a chance to meet up, sir. Maybe next year!

Really dig the non-stretch look, especially on this one. LOVE that WirusWin twin exhaust (atleast i’m pretty sure that’s a WirusWin)

Mr. Chaps brought out his Zuma125 swapped Ruckus with the new seat and seat pan done by the fellas at Steady Garage. Looking good, ol’ Chap!

Often imitated, never duplicated. The original Metruckus, @efeezhee. Bring down some of them Creme Brules next year LOL

The folks at Steady Garage surprised a few people by bringing out a yet to be released Kawasaki Z125pro already outfitted with some one-off parts. It’s going to be interesting to see how this stacks up to the Honda Grom once it’s officially out.

Speaking of Groms, a trio of nice ones that always had constant foot traffic around it.

The famous (or infamous to some), @conelite.

Incredible Hulk inspired (I believe that’s the inspiration) Ruckus with many JDM goodies on it and a BB GET. Fast and looks good, how it should be done.

The only shot of my Ruckus, Zooey. I didn’t even take this shot. I was so caught up in the day, I completely forgot to take a picture of my own bike and my friends’ bikes. Now I owe them photoshoots lol Thanks to Serge from TR for the shot.

Rider’s meet with Steve (@killerscooter). Thank you for setting everything up again, Steve!

At the first gas stop and where we decide to turn around and part ways with the rest. “Gas station’s closed pizza boy”

Made a pit stop at Halel Guys in Costa Mesa on the way home and got my favorite. Perfect way to end the day (although it made getting back home a lot tougher lol)

See you at Super Sunday 2017!!

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