New year, new blog post: Project #Rucksofresh Update

First blog of the new year. Been a while since I updated this. I want to say that I’m going to make it a habit of blogging again, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll keep up. I actually want to try vlogging but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, decided to start by doing an update on my ruckus project, “#Ruckusofresh”. The project is actually finished. Of course it wouldn’t be without quite a few “hiccups” along the way.

First, found out the brand new 11-pole stator I had bought was actually bad, so I bought another one. Replaced the starter bandix TWICE. Upgraded the starter cable and added a thicker ground cable because it was struggling to start due to the high compression on the 180cc Big Bore GY6 motor.

The guys at Steady Garage helped me alot in getting all the “hiccups” squared away and then I had them tune it for me since they had the dyno and all that jazz. Everything has been running pretty smoothly since then and I rode it a few times before I was offered a deal that was a little hard to refuse. My friend who had Steady Garage build two Zuma 125 swapped Rucks for him and his wife, asked me if I wanted to buy the one that was built for his wife since his wife said she doesn’t see herself riding it as often as they thought she would. We agreed on a price and terms and this bike is now being parted out to help pay for the other bike.

I decided to do a little “photoshoot” before the part out.

I’m lowkey sad that I can’t keep both bikes and have to part this one out. It was a fun “rebuild” (even with all the bumps along the way). I learned a lot about Honda Ruckus and bikes in general because of this little project. Maybe I’ll start another project from the ground up and start another build thread. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy riding my “new” ruckus and maybe tinker with that one a bit. She needs a name though.

Till next time.

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