Killer Super Sunday – May 3, 2015

Well, Super Sunday Weekend has come and gone. It’s crazy how it’s almost been a year now owning my Ruckus. I remember getting it last year and just missing Super Sunday 2014 and thinking, “Okay, I’m going next year”. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to finish my Ruckus in time to join in on the ride this year. And because I was busy TRYING to make it to Super Sunday, I missed out on the various pre-Super Sunday activities. Note to self…DON’T WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE TO GET YOUR RUCKUS READY NEXT YEAR!! I was pretty bummed about not having my Ruck ready in time but I decided to go anyway to atleast experience being there and grab a few shots of other people’s builds. Plus the homie, Delooh was still planning to ride even if I couldn’t so I thought I’d go and be of support to him. Unfortunately, he ran into some problems on the way to Super Sunday, so he too, didn’t get to go on the ride. NEXT YEAR! lol Anyway, here are a few shots I took of the meetup location. I missed quite a few nice builds I wanted to see in person but there was so much to take in that I just ended up grabbing a shot of anything that caught my eye and forgot to look for those builds. Anyway, on to the pictures (if you’re not a blog reader, here’s the link to my pictures on Flickr: Killer Scooter Super Sunday ).

Pulled up to the meeting spot and it was already full of various types of 2 wheel coolness. One section of the parking lot.

Of course there were quite a few Groms (and a sprinkle of Zumas) in attendance

Not the biggest fan of the seat cover, but still a nice, simple, and clean Ruckus

I LOVED the paint on this Grom. It’s unfortunate that I couldnt’ find the owner around to ask him to remove his jacket

I believe this is Evan from FLP’s Grom. I LOVE the paint on this as well and I’m a sucker for brown seats on motorcycles

“One Man Wolfpack”

Some track ready Groms

I’m pretty sure my Pops would love this “tank”

I’m really diggin this Ruckus. You can never go wrong with nice paint, wheels and exhaust

Definitely one of the anticipated builds for SS2015 was this Zuma swapped Ruckus build from Hot Rod Hell Fabrications. That gas tank with the window is so money. I wish I could have gotten more shots of this but there was always crowd surrounding it…as there should be. Beautiful build.

Cool radiator cover. I have no clue why I didn’t get a full shot of this Ruck…like I said, my eye was overwhelmed. Haha…Apologies to the owner for not getting a full shot.

Everyone that builds a Ruck knows the feeling of being “Dead Broke” #moneypits

I have no clue what this is but it was rather cool

Nice Met-Ruck from the IER crew. That green is eye popping and like I said, I’m a sucker for brown seats lol

Purple is one of my favorite colors so of course this Ruckus caught my eye. The wood grain effect on the battery box and fuel tank cover is a nice touch:

“Remove Before Flight”

The very first scooter/motorcycle I ever rode by myself was my Pop’s Honda C70 Passport (or Honda Super Cub as it’s affectionately known to many). It definitely looked nothing like this though:

“Say Cheese!”

Someone brought out their nice NA2 NSX on Mugen MF10s. Game over.

A couple of days prior to Super Sunday, I saw this Ruckus at Steady Garage and it was pretty much a frame and motor. With all that was going on at their shop, it’s crazy that it still made it to Super Sunday. Props to the guys at SG. I heard that there was a crash on the ride of Super Sunday involving an orange Ruckus with a Zuma swap…I really hope it wasn’t this one and for that matter, it wasn’t true at all.

Talk about “Powa”…this thing was popping wheelies like nothing

I’m new to the Ruckus scene but according to many, this was the original Met-Ruck, or atleast one of the originators. It’s timeless.

The fellahs at Steady Garage brought out their rides

A few more Steady Garage builds. Pictures do not do justice to the paint job on that battery box of the army green Ruck. It’s amazing in person

“Don’t Hurt Yourself” (Kevin, I’m going to need a few of these stickers please haha)

“Dirty Vegas” Ruckus owned by Dillon from Steady Garage

Another one of my favorite debuts of SS2015: Longballer’s Zoomer X with a PCX150 swap and some Hoshino Racing Wheels

Interesting choice for a foot peg

Not the biggest fan of all white builds but Rucksters Customs pulled it off quite nicely on this build. I love their “Sick Fins” wheels.

Rucksters Customs “Super Nova” build. Crazy thing is this build is actually now owned by someone I went to high school with back on Guam. Small world

No clue what this is but I’d rock with it.

Everyone gathers around for the pre-ride pep talk from Killer Scooter Steven

“But first, let me take a selfie…”

Gearing up for the ride

And they’re off with Killer Scooter Steven in the lead

It was a nice ride along the coast

Unfortunately, we couldn’t catch up to the pack and decided to make our way home. But we did catch up with a legend riding his Harley to catch up with the rest. If you were involved in the import scene in the 90s, you’ll know that man…Dr. Charles Madrid.

That’s it for now. There’s a few pics on my Flickr that I didn’t post here so be sure to check it out. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually ride at Super Sunday 2016.

Till next time,


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