#rucksofresh update – Feb. 20, 2015

Been a while since I last updated this. I actually updated my build thread on totalruckus.com but never got a chance to post it in here (hence the date being Feb. 20, 2015). So what’s new with Project Rucksofresh? Well, I finally decided to do the tear down after a slight mishap on the last ride I went on a month or so ago(my exhaust header cracking straight off at the flange).

I began by cleaning up the 180cc GY6 the best I could. Decided against painting it black because it doesn’t fit the overall look I’m going for.

Installed the Taida starter I bought along with putting the clutch back on with the Ban Jing clutch cover

^For the old school SoCal Ruckus guys, you might recognize the CVT cover in the background. Next I upgraded from the old 8-pole stator to a brand new 11-pole stator and installed a “chrome” Hoca fan.

Put the ATR rear disc brake back on and this is how the motor stands as of now:

Hoping to put the plastic covers back on this weekend and the carb and it should be ready to go on the Ruckus.

Also began removing all the parts I’m replacing on the Ruckus itself.

Found a crack in the the block of my old 150cc GY6 that I didn’t see before. Guess it was really meant to be replaced.

As everything stands now:

I really need to get cracking and finish this. Killer Scooter’s Super Sunday ride is a little over a month away. Hoping to get some work in this weekend but we’ll see with how busy I’ve been lately with both jobs.

Till the next update.

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