#rucksofresh: Chimera X-Factor Footrest Install for Honda Ruckus

Don’t you hate it when you go to a store with the intention of buying one small thing but end up leaving with something or more than one thing you had no intention of getting? Happens to me all the time I go to Target. But in this case, it happened on a little visit to the guys over at Steady Garage. After a recent ride on my project scooter, “Rucksofresh”, I found out that one of the exhaust flange bolts had vibrated off my exhaust header. I’m willing to bet this was probably the main cause of why my Ruckus has been riding poorly lately, bogging and backfiring. I also found that my exhaust gasket had gotten pretty burnt. So with the intention of just picking up the exhaust gasket, I headed over to Steady Garage.

While there, i saw one of the newly released Chimera X-Factor Foot Rest on one of their projects, “Dirty Vegas”

I had seen pictures of it on their instagram and facebook but I really had no intention of getting it since I already just purchased the MPAB Foot Brace. My thoughts changed after seeing it in person. I was really digging the look of it. I mean it does add the possibility to have front foot pegs and now I can strap items down if I need to carry something, but really, I just thought it looked cool LOL So with less money in my pocket than I had anticipated, I went home with one of their flat black versions.

Even without a fuel tank cover, it looks pretty cool on the Ruck.

One thing you may (or may not have to do) is open up the mounting holes for the fuel tank on the Ruckus with a metal file or drill it out a little bigger. The M8 bolts that comes with the foot rest are a tad bigger than the stock OEM bolts. In my case, the bolts went through with little effort but I still ended up having to make the holes bigger because I couldn’t get one of the bolts to line up perfectly. Not a problem and I was done with the install in less than half an hour.

Looks pretty damn nice (don’t mind my cracked fuel tank cover)

I don’t have an extra set of foot pegs to put up front so I put some dress up washers I had left over from my Downstar dress up kit for now.

Really dig this shot I took of the Ruckus. Would be cooler if I had a nice fatty wheel in the rear but that will come soon enough.

Parting shot, till next time.


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