Project #rucksofresh: Cookie Cutter Mods

Although I already have a vision of what I want my Ruckus to look like in the end, I decided to hold off from doing a total tear down and rebuild till later so I can still enjoy riding the Ruck for the moment. I didn’t want it to just sit there in pieces as I try to gather all the parts (not to mention come up with the money for the parts). So I decided I’d do some minor things here and there (while still keeping the overall picture in mind) as I gathered the parts for the Ruck. I decided to start with some typical mods (aka “cookie cutter” mods) just to freshen up the look. However, before doing so, I decided to do some maintenance since I wasn’t exactly sure the last time the previous owner did so.

I began by changing the motor oil and gear oil in the GY6. Everything came out still looking fresh but I figured I might as well have changed it for some piece of mind. I also bought a new spark plug but it appeared that the original one was barely used.

Next I decided to clean up some wiring that the previous owner had just hanging around.

Not great but I was able to hide the wires for the most part. Eventually when I get around to doing the total rebuild, I’ll do a “wire tuck” or “semi wire tuck”. In keeping with the “maintenance” part of things, I also purchased a battery tender (or “maintainer” as this one was called) with a quick disconnect so I could install it on the Ruck and be able to charge the battery without always having to remove the battery box.

One of the first mods I made sure to get was this Fuel Tank Cover by NCY. I couldn’t stand looking at that bare fuel tank. I liked that it already came in a glossy white to match(although not exactly) my brand new battery box from Partzilla.

While I was at it, I decided to add some dress-up items including a washer kit and fuel cap from Password JDM and an NCY dipstick.

Next up, came some Kijima DUT Amber turn signals from the good folks at Steady Garage. Thanks Kevin!

I wasn’t a fan of the mirror that came with the Ruck, so I picked up these rectangular ones from eBay. I wasn’t expecting them to be the greatest but for $16 shipped, what did I have to lose.

They actually were a good improvement from the mirror that came with the Ruck. My only gripe would be that after you adjust it, it moves due to vibration and bumps on the road. Still figuring out if there’s a way I can tighten it to keep it in place.

I was going to lower the original circle headlights with this lowering bracket from Mike155cc but ended up changing my mind. It wasn’t the look I was really hoping for.

To finish it up, I added a Password JDM ignition cover and some faux carbon fiber sticker to “protect” the battery box from scratches.

Done for now, at least till the next set of mods come in.

Till next time!

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