Project #RucksoFresh: Introduction

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog. The typical excuse, been busy, and quite frankly, not much to blog about lately. However with this new project of mine, I think it might be time to bring it back from the grave. So with that I introduce to you, “Project RucksoFresh”:

Yes, after many years of wanting one, I finally own a Honda Ruckus scooter. I originally wanted one 2008-2009ish and a few of my friends actually got some. I even got my motorcycle permit at that time. However, I never actually went through and purchased one. I recently got the itch to own one again, thanks in part to the homies, Rainier and Delmar. We made a small pact that if one of us finally broke and got one, the others would have to follow. To be honest, I didn’t think it was going to happen because I was so sure “Mrs. TheCoolShoeShine” would never let him own one. But when she finally gave in and Rainier told us he purchased one, it was only a matter of time before Delmar and I would give in.

So for the past few weeks, I searched all over the internet and joined every Ruckus Facebook group, looking for a good deal on one. I knew i didn’t want a stock one so I was hoping to find one that was lightly modded already, particularly one that already had a GY6 150cc motor in it. I didn’t want a fully built one because I knew I’d still want to tinker with it myself and I didn’t want a bone stock one because I know I would eventually do a gy6 swap anyway. I came across a couple in San Diego who were selling two of them for a deal, if you bought both of them. So with a little help, Delmar and I decided to make the trip down and pick up both of them.

Pic I took on my iphone when we got back to our area with both bikes. We were planning to flip a coin to see which person got which Ruckus but I decided to go ahead and take the blue one, under certain conditions of course. It was a little rough around the edges compared to the white one, but overall, I’m looking forward to this build. My biggest gripe would be it came with the “Killer Scooter” GY6 motor mount which means I can’t run a “fatty wheel” setup in the rear. But I think I’m over that now. And to be honest, I’ve sorta grown to like the skinny rear wheel. I just wish there was more options for nice looking skinny rear wheels. I’ll probably switch to a mount that can run the fatty rear wheel setup eventually…maybe if I decide to go to a Zuma 125cc motor. Time will tell.

Parts for “Phase 1” are already here and ready to be installed:

I’ll be updating this blog when ever there are any changes to the bike made, so stay tuned. For now, enjoy more pictures I took of Project #RucksoFresh:

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