Asics x Bait Gel-Lyte III Basics 3: Nippon Blue

Yesterday the good folks over at Bait released the 3rd installment from their “Basics Program” collaboration with Asics, The “Nippon Blue”. If you’ve read around, you’ll know the inspiration behind it is Japanese culture and tradition. You can read about it here: Hypebeast

I heard and read a few people complaining that the the colorway and materials of the shoe are dull and “not as vibrant” as people were expecting from the pictures on the net. I have to admit that I was too but not to the extent of some people who said they now were passing on it or going to resell their pair. I still think it came out pretty nice. The best of the series in my opinion. The thing that really killed it for me though was the laces. I’m not the biggest fan of the rope laces made popular by Ronnie Fieg, but I really didn’t like the rope laces that was chosen for this pair (as well as the other two pairs from the pack). I get it, it’s the cool thing at the moment but to each their own. I just wished that they included some regular flat laces for those of us not feeling rope laces. So of course the first thing I had to do was a lace swap. I must say, with the white laces, they look so much better! Just my humble opinion and I am probably a little biased since this is my pair.

I always take pictures of any pair of sneakers I pick up for myself (I always tell myself I’m going to put together a photo album of all the pairs I have ever owned but I highly doubt I’ll ever actually do it). I normally don’t share or post them but I figured since some people were on the fence about them, I thought I’d share. The photos have not been edited in any way other than for me to add my watermark (I hate watermarks but I hate people who use other people’s pictures without giving any recognition even more). You can still even see the dust on the table because I was too lazy to clean it or to edit it out. I did try my best to capture the true color of the sneaker but I admit I didn’t go as far as to color correct because…honestly, it’s really not THAT serious and I don’t get paid to do this. LOL Enjoy the pictures anyway!

Till next time!

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