World of Dance Los Angeles 4/12/14

Last week on April 12, 2014, my friends over at World of Dance kicked off their US tour as they always do here in Los Angeles, California. They’re now going on their 6th year of existence and are still going stronger then ever. I’ve lost count of all of the events I’ve been to as a volunteer for WOD, as a dancer with Hall of Fame Dance Team, and as an advisor for my old college team, Barkada Modern but each event has always been a definite experience. My first time actually staying in Hawaii and going to New York was with World of Dance. So I’m always very thankful for my friends over there. This time around, I simply came to hang out and enjoy the event as a spectator and grab a few shots to share. Thanks to Vince and Myron for always taking care of me!

Obligatory shots of LA as you drive into the city

When I got there, there was still a long line to get in. I assumed that they hadn’t opened the doors yet but later I found out that it had been opened for an hour or so already. It looked to be a pretty big event as usual.

I decided to grab a couple of shots around the area before walking in.

Figueroa and Staples. I believe there was a Clippers game that day as well as a Kings game.

It’s still crazy for me to see billboards and hear radio ads for the event.

Just a fixed up GTR crossing Figueroa and Pico. No big deal.

First thing I see as I walk in, GRV’s junior team, GRaVy Babies, getting some last minute cleaning before they hit the stage.

Little Laniah looks pretty intrigued by her new WOD bracelet

Stopped by to visit my Hall of Fame family as they also get some last minute cleaning. Choreographer Evan Zhou is “feeling sexy and free”.

Besides the dance competition and other performances, there was also a vendor area including a DunkXchange (DXC) for the sneakerheads. I can’t even remember the last time I attended an actual DunkXchange event.

It’s still pretty cool seeing a table full of SBs. Always takes me back to the mid-2000s when they were at the peak of the sneaker world.

Because sneakerheads need the matching tees and socks.

I’m not sure what was the smallest size the Yeezy 1s were made in but these were definitely the smallest I’ve seen in person.

The Lebron X is my go to shoe for playing ball now a days. Would definitely love a pair of these…but not for what people are asking for them.

If you can’t get the shoes, but the key chain lol

Even in pretty worn conditions, the White Cement IVs will always get love from me.

“Shut up and Dance”.

I was really tempted to just run by them and yell “JENGA!!”

Awards ceremony for the Junior Division. Congrats to Young Skulls Club (3rd), Emanon (2nd) and 3-2-3 Area Kids (1st)

Waiting for the Upper Division to start. A view from the judges table.

One of the official sponsors for WOD, Paul Mitchell was on hand so the dancers and performers could get their hair done for free (at least I think it was for free)

I spent most of my time checking out the All-Styles 1 on 1 Battle. For those who remember the little girl that Jabbawockeez introduced on their return performance on America’s Best Dance Crew, this is that same little girl, Babywockee. She killed it! I was impressed with her body control, especially at that age. Shouldn’t be a surprise though when you’re trained by the Jabbawockeez. Unfortunately she did not advance to the final rounds.

I’ve known JP Goldstein for quite a while now. It’s always good to see him get down in a battle. Still one of my favorite dancers, freestyle or choreo, to watch.

“Glory to God for giving us something buck!” This guy was one of the finalists for the battle. He was pretty damn good. Actually, everyone in the final rounds killed it. Probably some of the best I’ve seen in all the WOD events I’ve been to.

Check out the video of Hall of Fame’s performance. Props to the fam for not only putting on a sick performance but for not stopping in closer. You can’t tell from the video but the speakers on stage actually cut out so they couldn’t hear the music towards the middle of the closer. But they kept on dancing…”no music, aye, aye, no music”. Check out the other video’s from WOD LA 2014 on their youtube channel. Congrats to Kings of Buck, Japan (3rd), GRV (2nd) and Cookies (1st)

Parting shot, till next time!

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