Topdown Meet 3-14-14 Recap

A week ago, we had our first meet in a LONG TIME! We started the meet back in 2006 and use to have it every two weeks. However as the years passed, we got older, people moved on, some sold their S2000s, some got married and some started families. It became harder to get together every two weeks to hang out and talk about cars. However, we never lost touched. A few still hang out daily and some were there for each other’s weddings and other significant events. Also, for the past couple of years or so, we still met up at least twice a year (for our annual anniversary party and our annual Christmas Toy Drive Party). However, we hadn’t had an actual meet in a long time. Last week, we decided to get together and have an actual meet. It was definitely good to see everyone and take out the cars again. The caravan to our second spot brought back so many memories. I missed the caravans the most. Hopefully, we’ll have another meet again sooner than later.

Here are the pictures I took from the meet. I tried to edit as much of the noise out from the pictures due to using such a high ISO on my Canon T3i (I forgot my flash), but this was the best I could do. I’m ready to upgrade my camera. Soon hopefully. Enjoy the pictures!

It’s not often that all 3 of us from the crew with yellow s2000s showed up. Kenny and I’s Spa Yellow AP1s

John Remus’s AP1 on Pro-Drives

Mike’s NSX and Hai’s Imprezza

Boost is always nice

Brandon’s 600+ horsepower Evo. His car sounds like a beast!

Before, the only kids at the meet was us. Now it’s pretty cool to see some people bringing their kids around.

I love the look of S2000s built for track. I contemplate revamping my S2000 for the track look but considering I don’t see myself actually tracking my car, maybe not.

Another NSX at the meet. I LOVE white NSXs! I’m not a fan of the wheels on this particular one though(as much as I love mesh wheels). But to each their own. Besides, I’ll probably never own an NSX myself.

Jet’s Laguna Blue AP2 on RPF-1s

Nolan brought out his R8. This thing must be a “panty dropper”. lol Sounds awesome too. Another car I’ll probably never own.


More pics from the meet can be found on my flickr account: Topdown Meet 3/14/14

Till next time!

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