What I Wore Today – February 21, 2014

Nike x Patta Air Max 1 “Chlorophyll Green”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Haven’t had much to really post about and I’ve been lazy to post my “sneaker shots” since I post them all over on forums and social media. However, I’ve recently been messing around with my editing style so I figured I’d post this set today. Ever since I got my DSLR and taught myself how to edit in Lightroom, I never really understood why people would edit their pictures to purposely look “vintage”, have the colors washed out, grainy, etc. I mean, you paid $1000+ dollars on a camera and fancy lens, why would you want it to look like you just took a picture with an old camera. I figured it was just a trendy thing to do (especially with the popularity of IG and their filters and Tumblr’s love for “vintage”). For me when I first took up this hobby (yes, it’s a hobby for me, i don’t get paid to do this…although I wish I could be), I wanted my pictures to be as sharp and as vibrant as can be. Oh and I HATED grainy pictures. But as time has passed since I’ve started this hobby, I started to see that photographers weren’t just doing it because it was trendy (okay, maybe some) but because photography is about telling a story with your pictures. The way you compose your shot and even the way you edit it, can invoke different feelings and emotions. Plus it’s all about the photographer’s personal style. Granted these are just feet selfies that only sneaker nerds care about, it doesn’t hurt to practice different styles. Either way, enjoy the shots (or hate on them if you like).

I really like how that last shot came out with my neighbor’s vintage truck in the background. I just wish I got more of the truck in focus. I would have taken more shots but it’s pretty awkward taking sneaker shots where everyone in the neighborhood can see what you’re doing.

I really like how this shot came out as well. Normally when it comes to the temperature of my pictures, I tend to edit towards a more “cool” temp. But for this shot, I kept the shot more towards the “warm” temps. With the green of the sneakers set against the brown of the dead grass (damn, we really need some rain down here in Southern California) and the warmth of the picture, it sorta gives that feeling that it is starting to get warm again and Spring is coming (not that it really ever got cold down here).

Till next time!

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