The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to The Big Bang Theory

For the past few weeks, the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California was the home for “The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to The Big Bang Theory” art show. Presented by both Nucleus Gallery and Warner Bros., the gallery showcased various artists and their art based on the award winning TV show. Being a fan of the show myself, I made sure to check it out this past Sunday which also happened to be the last day of the showcase. Better late than never. All pictures are unedited and shot with my iphone 5S.

Before checking out the gallery, My roommate and I made it a point to finally try the “Aloha Food Factory” since it’s located in the same area. We had arrived there about an hour before they were suppose to close but they were actually closing early that day because the owner, Betty, was heading to San Diego. Fortunately for my roommate and I, she felt bad for us because we lived about a half hour away so she let us come in and eat. I ordered the breakfast plate with two meats, Portuguese sausage and the Loco Moco:

The hamburger for the Loco Moco was a little on the bland side (easily fixed with some pepper and salt) but overall, it was still tasty. The Portuguese Sausage was really good. When you talk to people who have eaten here before, everyone raves about the Macadamia Nut Pancakes, so I had to try that too (although I’m not really a pancake person):

Verdict? The hype was warranted. I’ll definitely order that again when I come back. Or maybe I’ll try the Macadamia Nut French Toast. I had to get a shot of my car before heading out:

Next stop, the Nucleus Gallery:

Fans of the show should know the answer to number 5 (well, unless you’re just that smart and know the answer anyway):

The “Bazinga” ball pit was definitely a nice touch. I had to take a picture inside it.

The quotes from the show underneath and used in some of the displays was a nice touch:

The wardrobe of the characters has definitely become a staple of the show just like all the witty jokes and punchlines:

*Knock Knock* “Penny” *Knock Knock* “Penny” *Knock Knock* “Penny”

“Some Assembly Required”

The cat painting of Sheldon was one of my favorites. I wish I could remember the artist’s name:

I have to admit, while this display was quite interesting, it was a little creepy as well:

I thought the following displays were rather “cute”…yes, I said “cute”:

“Little ball of fur…”

Another nice touch…a replica of the never working elevator in Penny, Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment:

I laughed hysterically when I saw this. I’m not sure if this was the actual “Best Friends Forever or BFF” painting from the TV show but if not, it was pretty cool to see it. FYI, that thing is pretty huge:

Sheldon’s learner’s permit:

“I call my grandmother Nana, and she’ll be happy to hear that my small rock kills your Enchanted Bunny”

Dez Einswell’s piece:

Along with the gallery, a little pop-up store was set up inside for people to buy some merchandise. Unfortunately they sold of the Funko mini vinyl figures based on the characters from the show.

I lowkey really contemplated picking up this talking Sheldon doll:

Till next time.


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