Video: Phantom Lagoons Release Event Recap

Check out this video recap of the Bait x Asics Gel Saga “Phantom Lagoon” release at the Bait Flagship store in Diamond Bar, CA last Saturday. I know things didn’t go exactly as the crew from Bait had probably planned and many people who came out to pick up a pair were complaining about how things were ran, but I think overall, they handled it pretty well. People don’t take into consideration all the work the Bait crew had to have done to make it as smooth of a release as possible. How many shops will let you pick up a ticket that guaranteed you a pair without having to purchase anything else or doing a lottery? They provided free shirts with a purchase of the shoes(limited to the first 100 or so I believe) and wooden plaques to everyone just in case you wanted to display your pair at home. Asics probably didn’t tell them that they had to do that. They provided drinks for those in line and even gave 20% off anything else in store(with a few exceptions) for those purchasing a pair of the Phantom Lagoons. Sure you can argue that they just did that to get some extra sales, but who cares if you’re able to pick up something else you’ve been eyeing for a little cheaper than retail? I sure didn’t mind(although the only thing I wanted was one of the things excluded from the 20% discount LOL). I heard a lot of complaints as well about the online release but if you really think about it, with as much hype as this release had, were you really surprised they had website issues? Even Nike, a big company with a lot more experience with hyped up releases has it’s website issues. Overall, even though I ended up in line a little longer than I had expected, I’d say it was a fun release(with a few hiccups). I got to hang out and catch up with friends and in the end, I got a fresh pair of sneakers…can’t complain about that. Yeah, I know…if I didn’t end up getting a pair of the Phantom Lagoons, my thoughts on the release might be a lot different lol

Thanks to the crew at Bait for the hospitality and for making a nice pair of kicks.


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