Video: Joe Gavin X Krek – Landscape Skateboards

This past weekend was a weekend full of cars and a sneaker release to start. On Saturday, I went to pick up the Bait x Asics “Phantom Lagoon” Gel Saga IIs at Bait’s flagship store in Diamond Bar. Afterwards, I went to check out the “Japanese Classic Car Show” (JCCS) at the Queen Mary in Long Beach for the very first time. On Sunday, I attended the So Cal “OG Meet”. Needless to say, there was a lot of pictures of cars taken. I haven’t gotten around to editing any of it yet so I thought I’d throw this blog up in the mean time. Check out this skateboarding video I found while browsing around.

Sick skateboarding (see the trick he did at 2:01), a graffiti time lapse, and dope hip hop playing in the background…what more can you ask for from a skateboarding video?

On a random note, sometimes I feel the hip hop in other countries is better than it is here…the country where hip hop was born. Anyone got any recommendations of good hip hop in their county? Nothing “trap” or “edm” influenced…PLEASE. And it would probably be good if it was in english just so I could understand lol Leave me some recommendations in the comments if you care. I’m trying to find good music to add to this new iPhone of mine lol


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