Subiefest 2013

On September 14, 2013, NASIOC (National American Subaru Impreza Owners Club) held their 8th annual “Subiefest” at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. My roommate recently picked up a brand new Subaru Forester so he wanted to go check it out. I went along with him to check it out myself and grab some pictures. These are some of the pictures I took. FYI, I have never owned a Subaru and my knowledge is limited on these cars so please excuse my lack of writing on the cars pictured. Hope you enjoy the pictures though!

As much as I dig WRX’s and STi’s that are built for “stance”, it’s always nice to see one built for it’s original racing roots, rally.

It must be pretty loud in those tunnels when the race cars are racing above.

I heard Bucky Lasek was inside the trailer signing autographs but I was too lazy to stand in line.

Cobb Racing Products STi

Rally Sport Direct BRZ

I’m such a sucker for mesh wheels and VS-XX are definitely one of my favorites. Probably the biggest reason this was one of my favorite rides of the day.

Interesting roof rack.

I’ve told myself that if I ever decided to take on a Subaru project car, it would definitely be a wagon.

You can never go wrong with a blue STi and white wheels.

“Like, oh my god!” lol

The roommate taking some pictures.

There were a few cars with the flat paint (or vinyl wrap) theme going on. Love this purple hatchback (or are they considered wagons?).

This first generation Forester is probably tied with another Forester from the meet as my favorite ride of the day. The wheels and stance just looks right on it. Kudos to the owner.

Kudos as well for their crew name lol

This was my other favorite Forester and ride of the day. As much as I love the look of the first generation Foresters, I’d probably want to build a XT because of the turbo.

Another hatchback with the flat paint (or vinyl wrap) theme.

Really digging the meaty race tires on the aggressive offset.

And another hatchback with the flat paint (or vinyl wrap) theme…I’m beginning to wonder if they all know each other.

Very nice, clean WRX. Sometimes all you need is a nice drop and the right wheels.


I really hope this guy has an air ride system.

Besides the car show, Subiefest also included a track day and an autocross. We decided to go check out the cars in the race paddock.


Not really good at getting action shots so I didn’t take too many of these (okay, I took alot but only these two came out decent).

This guy gets my vote for best “hood prop”

If I had a choice, my “wagon project” would be white.

“based god”


Subiefest ended the day with a huge raffle…THAT TOOK FOREVER! Unfortunately, my roommate didn’t win anything.

Best sticker of the day, hands down.

One more shot of this Forester.

One of my favorite parts about big meets like this, is when you see all the fixed up cars heading out at the same time.

Grabbed a couple shots of the roommate’s Forester before we left:

Till next time,


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