Weekend Recap Pt. 2 – Sunday: #20yearsofGirl Skateboard Gallery

Here we go with Part 2 of my recap from this last weekend. If you didn’t get to read Part 1, be sure to check it out here.

Originally the plan for Sunday was to help my Pops do a turn around trip to Las Vegas to help with some family stuff. I had already made plans to check out the “20 Years of Girl Skateboard” Gallery that day so I thought I wasn’t going to get a chance to see it since this was the last weekend it would be open. Luckily for me, my Pops changed his mind about going to Las Vegas so I was free to play. Hit up the homie, Marco, and I was off to good ol’ “City of Angels”. WARNING! I took a lot of pictures so this post will be a little lengthy.

Marco wanted to check out some of the shops while we were out there so the first stop we ended at was La Brea to check out Union, Stussy, and UNDFTD. I think it’s been years since I last came out here.


Grey Kaws Resting Place Companion, resting inside Union.

The familiar Stussy logo and Undefeated “5 Strikes” logo.

Marco pretends to check out some gear while actually flexing for the camera lol

The Clot x UNDFTD x Converse “First String” Chuck Taylors that released this past weekend. Really nice shoe! Too bad I’m not one who can pull off Chucks or I would have probably copped both colorways.

Not much has really changed to the layout at UNDFTD since I use to go there in the mid 2000s.

Something you don’t see often in LA…a dinosaur and some horses.

La Brea

Sportie LA on Melrose was another go to spot for sneakers in the early to mid 2000s. I remember going in there and seeing all the shoes just thrown around. If you were lucky back then, you might find some “co.jp” or Euro exclusives in there.

As someone who is into sneakers, you can’t hit Fairfax in Los Angeles without making a stop at Flight Club. Although I never buy any thing from them, it never hurts to look. I still remember coming here when it first opened and being in amazement. But after you’ve been to one consignment store (and worked at another), it doesn’t amaze me too much anymore. Plus, you can see everything on the internet now.

“Hiero, ya’ll…”

Finally made it to our main destination

“Celebrating 20 years of operation”. Pretty crazy how long ago that was. The same time period when I was heavily into skateboarding. I miss those care free days back on the island of Guam. Good times.

A young Daniel Castillo and Mike York.

As well as a young Eric Koston. I still remember this ad.


20 years of Girl Skateboard graphics(I highly doubt that was every board in their history). Each row had 93 boards to commemorate the beginning of Girl in 1993. 93 till Infinity.

One of my favorite Girl graphics, the Mike Carroll “Astro Boy”

That Jovantae Turner “Hilfiger” spoof was awesome, especially for that time period.

As someone who use to skate, the first thing I thought of when I saw this huge OG Girl logo thing on the ground was how awesome it would be to skate it. Do some nose/tail-slides, manuals, crooked grinds, etc. I’m pretty sure they’ll end up doing that after the gallery closes

If you know me and my love for A Tribe Called Quest, then you’ll understand why this is also one of my favorite Girl graphics.

I’m assuming this is the original Mouse costume from the Mouse video released in 1996. Then again, it looks too clean to be the original.

“Tell your girl to stop paging me…”

I specifically made sure to find this board in the middle. This Sean Sheffey board has so much nostalgia for me. It was the first Girl board I ever ordered and owned. I LOVED that graphic. I remember asking my late grandma to cut out my grip tape on the top so the girl logo would show. This was also one of my carry-on’s when I left Guam and first came here to the mainland. I was quite sad and mad when it got stolen out of my parents’ garage. From time to time, I still check ebay just to see if one will pop up on there. Good to see it again.

Meanwhile, outside…

The line to get into Supreme to pick up some of their Fall 2013 release. I really wanted to get the Bruce Lee skate deck they were releasing but I wasn’t about to get in line.

Instead, we grabbed a late lunch at Golden State Cafe. The “Golden State Burger” cooked medium with a side of potato salad and a root beer. Everything was GOOD! I’d say one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. But pretty damn pricey! That meal cost me $16! Oh and Marco flexing in the background again.

Made a stop by the Diamond Supply Co. store.

The infamous Nike x Diamond Supply Co. “Tiffany” Dunk SB. Nice touch with the diamond-shaped case.

“Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance”. Words to live by.

Marco’s fancy new front end on his Audi. Must be nice.

What I wore that day: Nike x Dave White Air Max 1.

Ending this post with this awesome mixtape of Girl and Chocolate Skateboards main videos made to commemorate Girl’s first 20 years of existence.

Till next time, Cheers.

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