Weekend Recap Pt. 1 – Saturday: Allen Iverson Tribute at Bait and Reebok Question “Draft Day” Release

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these weekend recaps mostly in part because it’s been a while since I went out on the weekend that didn’t include doing errands or going to work. It took me a little longer to get these up than I would have liked because I began editing the pictures but halfway through I said “Eff it!” Not all pictures have to be “perfect”, right? So here it is. Some pictures have been edited, some haven’t. All from my roommates’ Canon S110 or my iphone because I was too lazy to break out the DSLR. Since I took so many pictures, I decided to do two parts, a Saturday recap and a Sunday recap. Enjoy!

On Saturday, I headed out to Bait in Diamond Bar, CA to pick up the Reebok Question “Draft Day” that had released the day before. Lucky for me, they still had a size 11 in stock and the awesome folks at Bait were able to hold me a pair till I was able to pick it up on Saturday. Thank you! While there, I also checked out the tribute they did in their upstair gallery area for the man himself. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Allen Iverson (I like pass first point guards), pound for pound, he was one of the best basketball players ever to play. With the announcement of his retirement a week or so ago, it was definitely cool to check out Bait’s tribute to his legacy.

That Slam cover with A.I. letting out his afro is one of my favorite Slam covers of all time.

Various colorways of the Reebok Questions, Iverson’s first signature shoe and my personal favorite of his line. I should have taken more pictures of all the ones they had on display.

Iverson’s second signature shoe, fittingly called “The Answer”. I still lowkey regret not picking up the black pair when they re-released it a couple of months ago.

Kaws Man getting in on the “Answer” game as well.

The Answer II and some Iverson figures. That McFarlane basketball rim is so sick!

The Answer III

The Answer IV and V and more cool A.I. figures.

Bait x Reebok Questions “Snakeskin” that released earlier this month and was a huge success. I was in a bit of rush so I was unable to get better pictures of them. Nice shoe overall though.

Ending this post with these pictures of the Reebok Question “Draft Days”

These are super nice in person! You won’t catch me wearing these in my neighborhood though.

The main difference between this release and the other Question releases: Instead of the number “3”(Iverson’s jersey number) on the heel, there’s a number “1”, as in the number 1 pick of the 1996 NBA Draft. Nice touch.

Stay tune to Part II of my weekend recap, my trip to the “#20yearsofGirl” Skateboard gallery at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles coming tomorrow.


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