#WDYWT: “Sneaks & Beats”

Back in the early to mid-2000s, one of my favorite tee shirts ever was one by a street wear company called Eksobition (Ek5obition or Ek5). The tee shirt was known as “Sneaks & Beats” and one particular colorway matched perfectly with the “Heineken” Nike Dunk SB that released around that same time as well. I remember looking every where for that shirt since I was able to pick up a pair of the sneakers to go with them. I never found that shirt (I can’t even find a picture of it on the internet…but OGs know). Funny how I would later meet the guys behind Eksobition and the tee shirt and become good friends with them…BUT, I still wasn’t ever able to get my hands on that shirt. Although the brand is no longer around, I still bug them to bring that shirt back…just so I can finally get one (I’ll even BUY two! LOL)

Anyway, a WDYWT (What Did You Wear Today) picture I took a couple of days ago was based on that concept: Sneaks & Beats. If there’s two things I need in my life, it’s a pair of fresh Sneaks and some dope Beats to groove to.

Word up to Lazywork, DJ Erok and the rest of the Ek5 crew…bring back that damn shirt!

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