Nissan Jam 2013 and a visit to Illest OC

This past Sunday, the first ever show just for Nissan and Datsun owners was held at Connell Nissan in Costa Mesa, CA. Known now as “Nissan Jam”, the show was brought to you by the same people behind the Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) and Japanese Nostalgic Car. Unfortunately due to it being Father’s Day, I had to be out-of-town to spend some time with my pops. Luckily, the homie Del was able to stop by and take some pictures for me. Hopefully, I can attend the next one. For now, enjoy the pictures!

This looks like something I would have seen racing on the back roads of Guam back in the day

cool little collage of various old school Nissan/Datsun badges

Just from Del’s pictures, this Bluebird might be my favorite car that was there:

Be sure to add the Nissan Jam website to your bookmarks so you know when the next Nissan Jam will be.

Since he was in the area, Del also decided to take a stop at the newly opened, Illest OC (located where the old Commissary use to be). Illest OC had their grand opening this past Saturday and based on the pictures I saw on Instagram and through the blogs, it looks like it was a major success. I look forward to heading down there myself to check it out soon.

I love this Jordan Cement III skateboard done in the Lakers colorway that looks like the Player Edition Kobe Bryant wore back in his “sneaker free agency“. The coolest thing about the board though is that it almost looks 3D in design. Kudos to who ever it was that made it.

If you want to stop by and check it out yourself, here’s their address:

Illest OC
2950 Randolph Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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