#WDYWT Nike Air Max 87/1 Week

It’s been a minute since I last made an update. The usual excuse, I’ve either been too lazy or too busy to sit down and do one. A few weeks ago I actually went on a cross country trip with my parents from California to New York and back (by car) but I haven’t gotten around to editing the pictures I took yet. It was quite an experience though. We really have a beautiful country and everyone should experience driving across it at least once. Hopefully I can share my trip with you all real soon. In the mean time hopefully this will suffice for an update.

I didn’t initially plan to make this a week of Air Max 87/1 wears but I started with it so I decided I might as well go through with it. Enjoy the pictures!

Monday – June 10, 2013: Nike Air Max 1 Powerwall “Blue Ribbon Sports” (BRS)

I have to admit, when I first saw this release, I was not particularly impressed. I liked the Air Max 90 version better. But this has definitely grown on me. I really love the green mesh(surprisingly since I’m not a fan of green in general). The laces are a nice touch and of course, the shape is rather nice(long gone are those days). I have a few people trying to get me to let go of these, but they’re not going any where any time soon.

Tuesday – June 11, 2013: Nike x Patta Air Max 1 Chlorophyll

I never thought I’d actually own a pair of these considering the price they garner. Fortunately one of my fellow Team AMFAM brothers let me have them for a price I could not refuse. I love the “Mini-Swoosh” on these and wish they still made some releases with them. Not sure how they would look with the bad shape of the current Air Max 1s though.

Wednesday – June 12, 2013: Nike Air Max 1 “Shima”

The “Shima” pack is one of my all time favorite packs. I’ve owned the Dunk Hi from this pack along with these Air Max 1. I’m still on the hunt for a size 11-11.5 of the Air Trainer 1 from the same pack. The striped lining and the Japanese lettering on the tongue tag which says “Shima”(Japanese for “stripe”) are definitely a nice touch. Back when they originally released this pack, I use to complain about how they used a leather toe box (I’m not a fan of leather toe box on any running shoe). I’ve since grown to like them. It definitely makes them unique. If anyone has a led on the Air Trainer 1 from this pack in an 11-11.5, please lead me in their direction!

Thursday – June 13, 2013: No wears as I ended up working from home that day

Friday – June 14, 2013: Nike x Patta Air Max 1 “Purple Cords”

These might be my favorite of the Patta releases. If you know me, you’ll know I LOVE purple so this pair gets major love from me. The purple suede toe box is BUTTER…one of my favorite parts of the shoe. The mixture of denim and corduroy is also a nice touch. I got these a little bit after the original release for not much more than retail. I’m glad because it seems these have definitely picked up in price in the past year.

Saturday – June 15, 2013: Nike Air Max iD x Battleground “MaxFly”

To end the week, I finally wore the iDs I made last year. If you didn’t see my post about it, read it here: MaxFLY. I really like how these came out and after seeing them on feet, I’m digging them even more. A great spring/summer shoe. Chris aka “Battleground/Jukebox” did a great job on the speckled midsole. I’ve been itching to do another iD and have him work his magic on the midsole. Hopefully soon.

Till next time.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers/Dads/Pops/Papas out there!

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