There is a Light that Shines Special for You and Me: A Wedding Proposal

On April 17, 2013, I was fortunate to be a part of one friend’s engagement proposal to another friend. I have never witnessed the engagement proposal of friends, let alone be a part of the plan, so this was quite exciting for me. Before people who know me think so, no, I was not a part of a flash mob (though I have to admit, that would have been so cool!). I was quite impressed with Vince’s plan to propose to Carissa (both of whom I actually live with). Without going too much into it, basically the plan was that Carissa was going to sing a cover of Bobby Caldwell’s song (or Dwele’s version if you like that one better), “Open Your Eyes”, and we were supposedly shooting a video for it at the lights outside of the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (or LACMA as it is known to Angelenos). Things didn’t go EXACTLY like planned and it went alot faster than we expected, but in the end, it worked out. He got on one knee, he proposed, she cried, he cried, she said yes and now we have a wedding in the works.

The drive to L.A…I’m assuming Carissa was not expecting much out of this shoot (she’ll probably kill me for this picture LOL)

Vince, Carissa and our other roommate, Ray, go over the “shoot”

I’ve only been to the LACMA Lights two or three times before and I always end up taking this same shot…I must really like it

Ms. Grumpy was ready to go back to sleep (yeah, she’s going to kill me for this shot too LOL)

“So for this shot, I want you to close your eyes…this is for the part of the song that goes: Darling, open your eyes, let me show you the light…”

While she closed her eyes, I got all our other friends who were hiding nearby, Vince got on one knee, pulled out the ring, and we all sang the lyrics…

All together now…”AWWWWWWWW!!” (I didn’t cry…okay, maybe it got a LITTLE dusty for a second there)

What’s going through Vince’s head at the moment: “i hope it fits, i hope it fits…”


“I’m not crying…it’s my bad knee…”

Vince had asked everyone coming to bring some white ballons to release after she said yes…some got stuck in the lights…OPPS!!

Paparazzi surrounding the newly engaged couple

FunBabyXander was not impressed and ready to go get some Korean BBQ

The homie, DJ Ayebert, thought it would be fitting if he brought out his Tiffany Dunk SBs. Damn, they beat SON!! Just how sneakers should be.

These two lovebirds, Karl and Kriska, show their excitement

I think they were more excited than than the newly engaged couple

Fungirl Jane pointing to the rock…FunbabyXander is still not impressed


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