What’s on My Feet…lately

It’s been quite a while since I lasted posted. Life has been pretty busy which leads to little time to post anything here. Hopefully I can find some time again. In the mean time, I’ve had a few wear pictures sitting in my camera that I thought I might as well share.

March 2, 2013 – Nike Air Tempo Retro (Air Uptempo as they were called back then)

I’m very happy they retro’d these as they hold a sentimental value you to me. Back in 1995-1996 when the original version of these released, I wanted them so badly(so much, I turned down the Playoff Air Jordan XI aka BRed XIs) but they were sold out in most places. I remember going to every sneaker store in Oxnard and even as far as the Niketown in Costa Mesa looking for them. My dad was determined to help me get these. That was the last time I remember my dad really helping me pick up a pair of sneakers. But alas, we never found me a pair. I settled for the White/Obsidian Blue colorway of this same shoe but I never forgot about this color. There was something about that teal in the bubble that attracted me. When the popularity of retros started picking up, I kept hoping and praying they would re-release this particular colorway. I”m glad they finally did. Now I finally have a pair. Thanks Nike (and my Pops for trying back then).

March 5,2013 – New Balance M1300BG

Although it’s hard to tell in his picture, the red is actually more of a Burgundy/Maroon color. I have a special place in my heart for the use of Burgandy and Gray together. Nice general released, Made in the USA, colorway from New Balance.

March 6, 2013 – Nike Dunk Hi Maple Hay “Un-Stussy”

I sold most of my Dunk collection back in 2006 but these were one of very few that I did hold on to. Actually, this was my second pair since I beat up the original pair of these that I got back in 2003. If I remember correctly, these were only a Euro and Canada release. Fortunately I had a friend who I met through one of the early social media communities, Apt. 107, that lived in Canada who was willing to help me get them.

March 8, 2013 – Nike Air Trainer 1 Python

It’s been a while since I broke out a pair of Air Trainer 1’s so I decided to bring these out that day. The Python pack is one of my favorite packs that Nike made back then. I even have the Air Max 90s from the pack. Even though Nike still makes “packs” now a days, they’re just not the same as they were back then. Or maybe it’s just me.

March 11, 2013 – Air Jordan III True Blue (2009)

I still remember in 2001, while visiting relatives in Seattle, Washington, my brother and I saw a pair of True Blue Cement IIIs (and Mocha Cement IIIs) on display at a store on the base there. I remember really wanting the Mocha’s and my brother really wanting the True Blues. Unfortunately, the only pairs still available were the ones on display and neither were our size. 8 years later, my brother finally got his True Blue III and I, well, got a pair of True Blue IIIs as well.

March 12, 2013 – New Balance x Ronnie Fieg M1300SNL “Salmon Soles”

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Ronnie Fieg, I have to admit I do like a few of the collaborations that he has done with Asics and New Balance. One of two of his collabs that I own.

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