Footage 3 Year Anniversary/OG NT Sneaker Summit

Last week Saturday we celebrated the 3 year anniversary for Footage Brea by having a small get together at the shop. The man behind Footage, TheCoolShoeShine provided those who stopped by the shop that day with food from a Taco and Hot Dog Truck and sounds courtesy of the homie, DJ GuamStyles. Along with the 3 year anniversary, Footage also hosted a mini “OG NikeTalk Sneaker Summit” with legendary collector/sneakerhead and all around nice guy, Alex aka Retrokid the guest of honor. I was pretty busy running around helping make sure everything was running smoothly and hanging out with friends that I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. In fact, I didn’t even take my camera out till towards the end of the day. Oh well, sometimes the best days hanging out with friends happen too fast to snap a picture. Hope you enjoy what little pictures I did get to take below!

Some members of Team 909 and friends reuniting and hanging out

Meet Chester, @DJPDot’s awesome Corgi! I will own one…one day.

Retrokid brought a pair of “Cork” Lebron Xs with him for everyone to check out. I must say, they’re quite nice in person. Good luck to everyone trying to cop a pair this weekend.

Guamstyles took it back with some of the hits he played. His girlfriend, Tintin rocking the shop’s new snapbacks.

Speaking of which, for the past couple of months or so, we have been working hard to re-brand Footage by TheCoolShoeShine. Saturday marked not only the release of new shop tees and snapbacks but also the shop’s new logo. Hope you guys like it!

Big Thank You to Arvie (Sntmntl Co.) for helping get these snapbacks together.

Footage Force

“Never Graduated. Always Appreciated.”

Shout out to Vincediminish for the last minute stickers.

More OG Niketalk heads

You can’t have a “sneaker summit” without a sneaker circle picture

Sneaker of the day has to go to the homie, Eric breaking out the ultra rare “88 Fubu Cement IIIs”

Friendships forged through sneakers.

Guamstyles showing us his form

The NBA All-Star Weekend Festivities was also going down that day. I didn’t really get to watch the Slam Dunk Contest because I went back to get food. Was it any good?

Ain’t no party like an iphone party.

DJ Erok was also present and kind enough to do a video for the shop. Check out the teaser video below:


I can’t wait to see the finished product. Till next time!

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