WDYWT (Happy 50th Birthday Jordan Edition): Air Jordan IV Black Cement Retro

Feb. 17, 2013 – Air Jordan IV Black Cement Retro (2012)

In honor of Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday, I decided to break out the sneaker that started it all for me. The reason behind the obsession. The Air Jordan IV Black Cement (Breds as they’re known to collectors now a days). I was in the 5th grade when the original Black Cement IVs were released. I still remember the day. A new kid showed up to class and the teacher made him him sit in front of me. I remember looking down and seeing the “Nike Air” on his pair. It was love at first sight. My parents never bought me a pair which fueled me to get them later in life and also started my obsession with sneakers. So here’s to you MJ. Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of you as a player, there’s no doubting you were one of, if not best, basketball players ever to lace up a pair of basketball sneakers. You not only revolutionized the game, you also revolutionized the world of sneakers. For that, I thank you. Happy Birthday!

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