Fly Your Own Flag: A Visit to New Era California

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to have my roommate Vince invite me to join him for his meeting with his friend, Kimo from New Era. If there’s any brand that I’ve been a long time supporter/wearer of, other than Nike, it would definitely have be New Era. As I wrote in my “essentials” post, New Era fitteds are a part of my daily essentials so of course I jumped at the opportunity. It’s pretty awesome to see behind the scenes of brands you support. Thanks Vince for allowing me to join you!

Upon entering the building, the first thing you’ll see is this custom Chopper built specifically for the California office. According to Kimo, each office has one built specifically for them.

Table inside the meeting room where New Era entertains their guests and clients. If I remember correctly, Kimo told us the California office deals with many of the lifestyle brands, including action sports. The table was filled with various hats from these brands.

I forget the name of this machine but it’s basically a color correction machine that allows you to see how the colors of a particular hat looks in various types of lights. It allows New Era and their clients to determine if the color is right for their store or perhaps the stadium it will be worn at.

Another interesting machine. This machine allows them to bring any hat, no matter how worn, back to shape. I could definitely use this machine for a few of my hats.

As you can probably tell, this display was probably done for the recently ended NFL football season.

Upon walking into Kimo’s area, the design area, I came across the biggest New Era fitted hat I have ever seen. Note the regular sized hats next to it.

Dope rug which is a replica of New Era’s signature “59Fifty” tag. I would LOVE to have this in my “man cave”(if I had one)

Floating hats in the entertainment room

Even though my Lakers aren’t having the greatest season so far, you know I had to show my support.

Vince(left) and Kimo talking shop.

More of New Era’s Lifestyle brands. (Excuse the out of focus shot. I blame my iPhone 4s)

I must have missed this UNDFTD release because I don’t remember seeing this before. I really liked it though. I wonder if I can find it on eBay.

Ping Pong table with a built in Pool Table underneath.

Their own bar? I definitely love their work environment.

Kimo: “This is where we put the surfboards we have. Sometimes the company will take us out to go surfing or we’ll bring clients to go surfing…”

Yeah, I’m beginning to wonder if they have any openings for someone with an Engineering degree/experience

4 1/4…now this has got to be the smallest fitted I have ever come across.

“Fly Your Own Flag”. Random fact I learned: New Era calls the athletes/people they sponsor, “Flag Bearers”. Very clever.

I really like how skateboard decks have become a form of “art”. I miss skating.

Dope backpack given to Vince.

The top flap had a place for you to put about 4 fitteds and would keep them from getting smashed. I could use one of these for traveling.

Thanks Kimo for the goodies! Not a 49er fan but I was rooting for them in the Super Bowl. lol

This is what the drive to New Era and back looked like:

Vince was determined to get a pair of those Air Jordan III White Cement ’88s. Atleast he got one pair. I, on the other hand, failed miserably. I hope those who really wanted a pair were able to get one!

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