Swish Swish

Last Wednesday, my friend and roommate, Carissa decided to celebrate her birthday a little early with some of her family and close friends. My friend Vince (who happens to be Carissa’s boyfriend and another one of my roommates) was able to set up a private dinner at the soft opening of the new Shabu Shabu restaurant, Yojie Japanese Fondue. Yojie is not exactly new as they have locations in both Los Angeles and Artesia(Cerritos) that are already doing well but this soft opening was for their newest location which is located in Diamond Bar, CA. Although I’ve been to a couple of Shabu Shabu places before, I believe this was my first time at a Japanese Shabu Shabu restaurant. The others were Chinese or Fusion based(yes, there’s a difference I learned). I’m not the biggest fan of places like this, not because of the food itself, but because I’m not a fan of cooking my own food. I remember the first time I went to one, the first thing I said was, “you mean I have to cook my own food?!” Either way the restaurant had a nice ambiance, the food was good, and I was surrounded with good company. I guess that helps getting over the part where I have to cook my own food.

Check out some pictures I took with my iphone below. Since I don’t always like lugging my DSLR around, I’m trying to get myself to make use of the camera on my phone. As the saying goes, “the best camera is the one with you”.

This was the first thing that caught my eye once I walked in: Girl x Sanrio Series skate deck collection. Eric Koston’s “Tuxedo Sam” deck was missing but I heard they already added it the next day.

I haven’t been to the Los Angeles nor Artesia locations but according to friends, each one has a different theme. The theme of the Diamond Bar location is that of an Art Gallery and they had some nice pieces up on the wall:

Karl photobombing my picture…

Really nice turntable setup

Of course you had to have the Laker game playing in the restaurant. Too bad the Lakers disappointed most with another loss

Apple and JR showing us how people have conversations now a days lol

Everyone ready to eat

Clever branding

In keeping with the art gallery theme, the menu’s were printed on white canvases…kudos once again Yojie Creative Team

For the Shabu Shabu newbs(like myself), instructions were listed on the back…swish swish

The servers place your orders through an ipod touch…fancy!

Meet Apple, one of my favorite foodie IGers lol #asianstakingpicturesofasianstakingpicturesoftheirfood

Time to eat…oh yeah, I still have to cook my food…

If you want to give Yojie Japanese Fondue a try, be sure to check out their website to see which location is closest to you: http://www.yojie.com/

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