#WDYWT Air Max 90 Week Recap

Here it is, the first post of 2013. I’ve been lagging on making my first post of 2013 mostly due to my busy schedule and not really having anything to post about. Lately I have been getting re-inspired to start blogging and using my camera again (other than to do sneaker shots and work) so hopefully you’ll be seeing consistent updates in here again. This past week I decided to pay tribute to my favorite Air Max and runner of all time, the Air Max III or as it’s better known by most, the Air Max 90.

Monday – Jan. 21, 2013
Nike Air Max 90 Retro “Safari” (Release Year: 2004)
Official Colorway: sable green/jet stream-light graphite

Contrary to what many people will probably think, the reason why I like this particular colorway really doesn’t have much to do with the “Safari Print” (although this probably is up there as my favorite use of the print). I’m a big fan of the little details of this particular colorway, such as the white stitching used through out the upper and the use of orange in the air bubble and the “Nike Air” on the tongue tag. The suede used through out this shoe is, as they say, “buttery”, and definitely better than most of the suede they use in current Nike models.

Tuesday – Jan. 22, 2013
DQM x Nike Air Max 90 Retro “Bacon” (Release Year: 2004)
Official Colorway: sail/sheen-straw-medium brown

I am a BIG fan of the concept of this colorway. Released by skate shop, Dave’s Quality Meat, a colorway to represent “Bacon” was such a clever concept for a shop whose theme is that of a butcher shop. The pigskin leather is definitely a nice touch. Plus, who doesn’t love bacon?!

Wednesday – Jan. 23, 2013
Nike Air Max 90 Retro “Storm” (Release Year: 2002)
Official Colorway: Wht/mid navy-storm blue-n grey

This might be the “oldest” pair of Air Max 90s I own. What’s there really to say about these. Simple colorway and top notch quality. The mesh and leather on these are definitely reminiscent of a time when Nike used grade A quality materials. Too bad, that time is long gone. I purchased these a few years back DS and have only wore them a handful of times and the air bubble has already gone soft and I expect the midsole won’t last much longer. Hopefully I can find a nice donor midsole to use as I’m not ready to let go of this pair any time soon.

Thursday – Jan. 24, 2013
Nike Air Max 90 Retro “Escape II” (Release Year: 2003)
Official Colorway: white/blue slate-rope-bisque

The Escape II is in a battle with the Air Max 90 Infrared as my ALL TIME FAVORITE COLORWAY. As far as sneakers go, two things always attract me when it comes to colorways, really bright colors or a nice use of browns(khaki, tans, etc). This colorway is one of those that will stand the test of time. The “blue slate” swoosh was just enough to add a little “pop” to this colorway. These happen to be my second pair of these. I purchased my first pair back when they first released in 2003 but I beat those to death since I was such a big fan of it. If I could go back in time, I’d definitely purchase more pairs of these as they’ve become harder and harder to find in good condition and in my size. I also have the Huarache LE’s from this same pack which also happen to be up there as one of my favorite sneakers I own. I think I may break them out this coming week.

Friday – Jan. 25, 2013
Nike Air Max 90 Retro “Hot Red” (Release Year: 2011)
Official Colorway: black/white-flint grey-hot red

I had originally planned to end the my week of Air Max 90 wears by finally un-DSing my last pair of HOA(History of Air) release of the Infrared Air Max 90. However because it was raining, I decided to break these out instead. Many people call these the “Reverse Infrared” even though the official colorway is listed as “Hot Red”. These were originally a “Euro Release” but it eventually made it’s way over to our shores in 2011. I remember being shocked when I walked into a local Footlocker with my roommates and saw these. I was super excited because it was not expected at all. That’s one thing I miss about sneakers now. With all the internet and all these sneaker blogs, release dates are known way ahead of time. The feeling of going into your local sneaker store or boutique to find a nice pair of sneakers and being excited like you found treasure is long gone. My roommates and I ended up taking home two pairs of these each that day.

There you have it, a week of Air Max 90 wears. This was pretty fun. I may do it again in the future with a different theme. Stay Tune to see what the next theme might be.

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