“We put in Work” Acrylick & Work Wheels Collaboration

Check out the latest video directed, shot and edited by the homie DJ Erok for Acrylick’s collaboration with Work Wheels of Japan. Erok is slowly becoming the go to guy for videos for the streetwear industry. Can’t blame them, his work is superb and he continues to grow and further his craft. Always look forward to seeing what he’s up to next.

I need to pick up one of these tees as well.


Work is a premier Japanese Wheel Company that has been making wheels since 1977. Acrylick has always done business in ways different from other brands in our industry. We don’t look at Acrylick solely as a business, it’s more than that to us, as we hope Acrylick is more than that to you! Acrylick is an outlet that allows us to express ourselves, in the same way our clothing is made for others to express themselves. The steps we make, are not made only toward money. Money jades the overall picture, and often makes the final decision. We do collabs simply for the fact that we want to, and respect those that we collab with. We run Work wheels on our personal vehicles. We respect the company and products that they create. They respect our brand in the same manner, so why not come together and create something great?

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