BAIT x Saucony Grid 9000 “Viridian Burner”

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was able to get a pair of the Bait x Saucony Grid 9000 “Viridian Burner” thanks to Matt and Mark at Bait. I happen to have them in my car and some down time so I decided to take some pictures of it. I’m not totally pleased with how the shots came out but I’m too lazy to re-take them. Sorry! I inserted a video at the end of nightwing2303’s review of the sneakers on youtube. I’m not really a fan of “video reviews” because I think most of them are corny as hell and pretty much don’t tell you anything that you can’t already see but I happen to be a fan of nightwing2303’s reviews. Straight forward, professional, to the point and he does performance/”On Court” reviews as well(I don’t know him nor have any affiliation with him, just my honest opinion). Hope you enjoy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! For those lining up for Black Friday, STAY WARM OUT THERE! (Unless you’re in a warm area anyway).

I really dig the fade from black to green on the midsole. I believe (i could be totally wrong)this is where it got it’s nickname, “Viridian Burner”. Viridian is the blue-green color and the fade is reminiscent of the fade that graffiti artists do in some of their pieces. Hence “Burner”, which is a type of piece done by graffiti artists. But don’t quote me, I could be totally off the wall. Comment if you’d like to chime in.

I really, really love the suede they used on this release.

The white part around the heel and on the first lace hole seem to be a 3M material which is a nice touch(it’s a little hard to notice/see so I guess it’s not as effective lol).

I’m a big fan of “branding” which is why I’m a big fan of collaborations. I love to see how two companies come together to produce a product and brand it to refelct the companies involved and the concept they’re trying to convey. Hence, why I really dig how they not only replaced the “Saucony” on the tongue tab with “Bait” but also added the jagged edges to look exactly the Bait logo. Good job Bait and Saucony.

“Nightwing2303’s” review on Youtube:

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