Bait Android Series 3 Vinyl Signing with Kano, Scott Tolleson and Sket One

It’s been quite busy the last month or so which has led to lack of activity here on my blog. Hopefully things will slowly start to go back to normal and I can start really playing with my camera and making posts in here again. I’ve been meaning to post this coverage for a while now but haven’t had really any time till now. A little over a month ago, I decided to stop by Southern California’s newest lifestyle boutique, Bait, located in Diamond Bar, California. Truth be told, I was actually checking it out because they were on the list to receive the Asics x Foot Patrol Gel-Saga II(which I was able to obtain a week later. Thanks again Mark!). I had no clue that the night I had stopped by, they were actually having a signing with Kano, Scott Tolleson, and Sket One for the Android Series 3 Vinyl toys. I was glad I happen to have my camera with me so I could take pictures of the event. Thanks again to Paul, Mark, Matt and the rest of the Bait staff for the hospitality and I look forward to seeing what they have in store in the sneaker/vinyl toy community.

Upon walking into Bait, I was pretty impressed with what I saw. There’s not many boutiques that specialize in not only sneakers and streetwear but also in vinyl figures/toys and art. I’ve been away from it for a while so it was refreshing to be around it again.

Unfortunately for those who are interested, most of the toys and figures on display were a part of the owner of Bait’s personal collection and are not for sale. But Paul from Bait reassured me that they would be carrying many of the upcoming vinyl figures and toys, including releases from Kid Robot.

Of course, Bait (which is affiliated with will be carrying many exclusive sneakers, particularly from Asics and New Balance (I’m quite excited about this).

“Avengers assemble! (I guess you can come along Superman)”

I found this display rather cool. Suprised they went with a Wade figure instead of Lebron.

Greatest Of All Tiime (G.O.A.T.)

Not a big Futurama fan but these were pretty cool.

If you need to “swag” your kid out with some kid size Natives, Bait is your place to go.

Bait also carries many of the popular streetwear brands, including The Hundreds, UNDFTD, Obey, Huf, Benny Gold, Diamond, and many more.

I’m not particularly a fan of snapbacks (Team Fitted all the way!) but they carry that too.

The Android Series 3 vinyl toys including those done by Kano, Scott Tolleson, and Sket One who were there for the signing.

I would love to add that Mazinger Z figure to my collection.

Knowledge is power.

In the middle of the showroom, they had this gigantic Kid Robot chalkboard Dunny which they let people draw on. I was told that it, along with the Kid Robot Gallery upstairs, was there for the Kid Robot 10 year anniversary/Bait Grand Opening private party happening a week later. I was invited by the Bait staff but unfortunately wasn’t able to attend.

Part of the Kid Robot Gallery upstairs.



I really regret not picking up this Air Max 95 space shuttle back in the day.


Kano and Sket One signing books and toys for their fans.

Not many boutiques have a huge tree in the middle of it.

Just as I was about to leave, I walked by the front display and noticed these Saucony Grid 9000s. I was surprised that I almost missed it.

I had never seen or heard of these before so I was thinking they were a sample made for the store, until this guy walked by me:

I would learn later that these were Bait’s collaboration with Saucony known as the “Viridian Burner”. I was able to pick up a pair through Bait a few days later(Thanks again Matt and Mark!). Stay tune for a blog with some pictures I took of this release.

Till next time.

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