New Balance x Hanon M1500CHF “Chosen Few”

The New Balance collaboration with Hanon shop in Aberdeen, Scotland is definitely one of the more hyped release to come out this year from the NB brand. The crazy hype for these actually came as a surprise to me. When Hanon first released info about the release of these 1500s, there didn’t seem to be as much hype for them other than from the hardcore New Balance and runner collectors, at least here in the United States. I actually thought getting a pair wouldn’t be that big of an issue since Hanon was going to release them online and they shipped to the United States. But within a few days of the Hanon release online, the hype for these skyrocketed! Everyone was talking about this release(at least it felt like every sneaker collector was). Trying to score a pair during the online release from Hanon was definitely far from being easy.

On the day of the online release from Hanon, I stayed late at work to take advantage of the fast internet connection at work. Lucky for me, the time difference between California and Aberdeen, Scotland made this possible. Unlucky for me, the hype for these were greater than my internet connection at work. I spent 3 hours refreshing and reloading on both my computer and my iPhone. Even more unlucky for me, after all those hours wasted, I finally got through, had my size in the cart and checked out…only to have my order canceled! My bank denied it thinking it was a fraud attempt since I was in Las Vegas just a few days before and then all of a sudden, an order was being placed to a shop overseas(Note to self, use Paypal next time). I’m not going to lie, I wanted to scream at the girl from the fraud department of my bank.

After all that hassle I went through, I still came out empty-handed. Normally, I would have just said, “forget it” and let it go. But I was determined to own a pair of these. Looking at these pictures, you can’t really blame me. The colorway is awesome and the quality is top-notch which you can come to expect from the New Balance models that are “Made in England”(as well as the ones “Made in USA”). The best part of this particular release though has to be the shape. I fell in love with the shape the minute I saw pictures of them. The shape is more sleek and sharp(especially the toe area) compared to other recent “1500” releases. Rumor has it, that the 1500s to release in 2013 will have this same shape. If so, I’ll definitely be picking up more of them next year.

After spending the past month scouring eBay, sneaker forums and various social media outlets, hitting up all my sneaker friends(sounds like the Justice League lol) from across the globe, and even considering making a New Balance 574 Custom inspired by these, I was FINALLY able to score me a pair. I wouldn’t own a pair though if it wasn’t for the assist from a friend who got an assist from his friend. No names, but THANK YOU! It’s nice know that in today’s sneaker culture where everyone is out to make an extra buck, you can still count on the help of others.

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