Barkada Modern Fall Auditions 2012

Last week Thursday, I stopped by Stylz Dance Studio in Covina, CA to check out the Fall 2012 auditions for Barkada Modern. Barkada Modern, or Bmod, is a competitive dance team that I helped start back in 2005. I love coming out and visiting auditions. Although I’m no longer on the team, I still get excited for auditions as if I was still dancing with them. There’s so much excitement, nervousness and promise for the new competition year. I look forward to seeing the returners coming back for another go and for new faces that will come and add to the legacy of the team. I love seeing the potential that starts at the beginning of the year and the growth that the team goes through throughout the year, not only as dancers but as people. Congrats to all those who auditioned, whether a returner or a newbie. I can’t wait to see what you bring to this year Barkada Modern 2012-2013.

This year’s Board and Directors, Paul, Dom, and Jairo. I’m very proud of how far these three have come as dancers and as leaders. I hope they stick around till Bmod has their 10 year anniversary lol

Jonriel, Ryan, and Mel are shiny happy people

Getting their stretch on while Amanda cheeses.

Mark shows how focused he is…in his leopard pants.


Mar-Mar showing off his swag. Onlookers don’t seem too impressed. lol

Ryan and Mark take timeout from stretching to cheese for the camera.

Jonriel: “I hope he’s getting my good side”

Ipad videography

One of the auditionees(is that a real word?), Amanda, gets down in the freestyle circle. Congrats on making the team Amanda!

Congrats again and good luck to this year’s team. Remember, “Stay Hungry, Stay Humble” #BeastMode

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