LA County Fair

Out of pure boredom, and with Disneyland closing early, the roommates and I decided to go and check out the Los Angelese County Fair last night. This was the last weekend for the Fair, so it was also our last chance to indulge in rides, games and very unhealthy food. I decided to bring along my camera and capture some of the fun.

“WELCOME!” I haven’t been to the LA Fair in a while and I didn’t get to go to the OC Fair this year so I was pretty excited. Well, I think I was just excited for the food.

Looks like Vince was pretty excited as well.

Where to start is the question.

“Rubber ducky, you’re the one…”

I lowkey regret not trying the food from here. I had every intention to, but ended up being so full from the Turkey Leg I ate later.

There was quite a bit of people last night. Not surprising since it was the last weekend.

Fried ever-thang…EVER-THANG!

The 12-year old in me chuckled a little…

I ate one of these giant sized turkey legs by myself. I offered my roommates to share but no one wanted any…seriously, I did.

I’m pretty happy with how this shot came out.

Just looking at this after eating that Turkey Leg by myself made me want to throw up.

I really like how this shot came out too.

What I wore last night: 2003 Air Max 95 “Neon”. Come on, are you really surprised I took a picture of the shoes I wore? My feet would hate me though by the end of the night.

One last shot before leaving…

Thanks LA County Fair…till next year.

Before heading home, we decided to stop by and grab some donuts from “The Donut Man”, a well known donut shop near by on Historic Route 66.

The Donut Man is known for their donuts with fresh fruits and their “Tiger Tails”, a glazed twisted donut with a chocolate strip down the middle. I grabbed one myself along with a lemon filled donut. YUM!

Sorry Rogue, none for you.

Looks like last night was one of the last times I’ll be wearing these AM95s.

Till the next adventure.

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