Video: Air Max 1 1987- 2012 “She Did It”

Air Max 1 – 1987 / 2012 – SHE DID IT from Axel Morin on Vimeo.

Nicely shot and edited video featuring the iconic Nike Air Max 1 that someone posted today in the AMFAM thread on Niketalk. Not quite sure what the story behind the “She Did It” is but I thought I’d share the video here anyway. The Air Max 1 is probably my second favorite Air Max model from Nike behind the Air Max 90. The Air Max 1 with its beautiful silhouette was the first Nike shoe to feature the visible air bubble which Nike has since been known for. It’s just too bad Nike can’t seem to get the shape right or even close to that of the original ’87 or even the earlier retros. So many nice colorways come out but are skipped on simply because of the shape of many of the recent AM1 releases which many have come to call the “banana shape”. Maybe one day Nike will get it right again(though I don’t really expect them to).

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