Nike Air Max 1 iD x Battleground/Jukebox “MaxFly”

I FINALLY took some pictures of the other Nike iD that I did back in May. And since I didn’t end up going to PIFA this past weekend I also finally got the pictures edited as well. I dubbed this iD the Nike Air Max 1 iD x Battleground/Jukebox “MaxFly”

More pictures after the jump.

When I came up with this design, I never actually thought of doing a McFly/Air Mag inspired Air Max iD. But after messing around on NikeiD for a few hours, this was one of many designs I had come up with. I thought it would look pretty cool if I could actually go all the way through with the inspiration and get the midsoles splattered/speckled. I enlisted the expertise of my fellow Team AMFAM member, Battleground/Jukebox, who is quite known for some of his “splatter/speckled” work on the forums. Once I got the go from him that he could do it, I went ahead with the design.

I was pretty stoked about the end result after receiving them back from BG. If I could do it again, I probably wouldn’t have gone with the pink splatter(it was my decision to do all three colors). It’s a little busy but I’m still pretty stoked about outcome. As far as the actual iD goes, just like my “UltraMaxLight” iD, I was not too impressed with shape of the actual shoe(come on Nike, I know you can get the shape right!) nor the “Nike Air” being screen printed on the tongue tag rather than stitched. I was actually planning to get custom tags with “2015” stitched on it just like the McFly Hyperdunk, but I didn’t know where to source a service like that and I didn’t trust myself to un-stitch the original tag and stitch on the new tag. Now that I think of it, I probably should have asked another fellow AMFAM member, JWDanklefs, since he is quite known for some of his customs on the forums as well. I also lowkey regret using “white denim” for most of the upper as I realize now, it’s going to be hell trying to keep that part clean. I didn’t go with the white mesh because I wanted to use more of the denim material.

Thanks to the buddy Rainier for letting take a couple of shots in his store, Footage, and using the McFly Hyperdunk he had in stock.


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