Nike Air Max 1 iD “UltraMaxLight”

A few months back I posted on the Footage blog about my visit to Nike Santa Monica along with my friend Andrew to design some iDs at their iD Studio. I received both pairs that I designed about 3 or 4 weeks later(alot faster than the previous iDs I did while in New York). This past weekend, I finally got around to taking and editing some pictures of one of these iDs. I dubbed this iD, “UltraMaxLight”

If you’re a collector or a fan of the older Nike running shoes, it’s probably easy to see what the inspiration behind this iD was and how I came up with the name. I have always been fan of the Nike Air Huarache Light, “Ultramarine” colorway, which was first released back in 1993. I missed out the last time they were retro’d in 2004 and have been spending the past few years trying to find a pair in my size(11.5) and for “decent price” but to no avail. When I saw that the colors and options were just right to make an Air Max 1 iD inspired by the Ultramarine Huarache Light, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m pretty pleased with the result especially with the color blocking. My only complaint is the poor shape of these current Air Max 1 iDs(that goes for all AM1s coming out now days in general) and the tongue tag(the “Nike Air” is screen printed on the tag rather than stitched). I’m also not a fan of the single solid color option for the bottom of the sole but I can live with that. For the swoosh, I went with the corduroy material just to make use of the other materials available. Not bad at all.

Funny how things work but a few days after receiving these iDs, I was able to come across a pair of actual Huarache Lights in my size and for a “decent prize”, thanks in part to a fellow AMFAM member.

I’m happy to have both of these in my collection. I know it’ll be only a matter of time before the Huarache Lights will start becoming unwearable so it’s nice to know I have a backup…sorta.

Bonus…first wear of the Huarache Lights:

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