#ThrowbackThursday: 95 Seattle Break War

It’s that time again for another edition of #ThrowbackThursdays, beeezyfresh style. Ever since I first discovered the world of youtube, there has been one video I have been searching and waiting/hoping for someone to upload. I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever see that video again. But a few weeks ago, I randomly tried looking again and lo and behold, someone had uploaded it. I can’t even remember what I used in the “search” bar to find the video but after a couple hours of “researching”, I finally found that video:

So why have I been searching for this video for so many years? Some way, some how(I can’t remember exactly how), a VHS copy of this same video made its way to the tiny island of Guam in either 1995 or 1996, where my friends and I were just starting to get into “bboyin”. I don’t think there were any bboy videos on the island back then and Youtube was definitely not around(heck, the internet was still fairly new) so this was the only access we had to the bboy world outside the island. Before this, the only other bboy video my friends and I had was a dubbed copy of “Beatstreet”(we watched the battle in that movie RELIGIOUSLY). This video was such an inspiration/motivation to us. We were trying to learn alot of the moves they were doing and at the same time, make it our own. I was such a fan of the BOSS crew(the crew in yellow), I started wearing a hip hop brand of clothing called “BOSS” by IG Designs. It’s pretty funny when I look back at it now.

The bboy culture across the world has come a very long way since this video but it’s crazy watching this and seeing the moves, hearing the music and even seeing what people were wearing or their hairstyles back then. While most might see this as just an “old school break dancing video”, for me it’s a reminder of all those times my friends and I spent practicing in front of my car port(or attempting to practice) and some of the battles we got into back then. Good times…good times indeed.

If you want to check rest of the battles, check out Neton79’s Youtube page: 95 Seattle Break War

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