Congrats Lebron

I hated you for the decision…I hated you for the promise. However, I never hated you as a player. Just like Jordan, I rooted against you and hoped you would fail. Why wouldn’t I? I’m a Laker fan for life and I’ll always root against any one and any team who stands in the way of my favorite team winning another championship. But also like Jordan, that doesn’t mean I didn’t respect you and your game. Especially your willingness to pass and get your teammates involved, something rarely seen in today’s star driven game of basketball. A part of me felt bad for you because of the hate and criticism you received the past two years…but the other part of me STILL thinks about the Decision and the promise to win multiple championships even before you played a single game down there in South Beach. That part of me said, “you deserve this.” That part of me said, “If Kobe can deal with all his unwarranted hate, then you can deal with it too.” But you stepped up. You led your team to that championship. For that, I can’t do anything but give respect where respect is due. You finally got that ring. Enjoy it. I will still continue to root against you and I will root that you never win another championship but for now, there’s nothing I can say but, “Congrats.”

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