My Essentials

Everyone has their essentials that they carry with them daily to function on a normal day. These happen to be mine. I can’t recall where I first saw someone make a post like this but I’ve seen quite a few of the bloggers I follow do this, including JWDanklefs who did a few entries like this for fellow Team AMFam members. I thought I’d play as well.

1. Supreme New Era fitted cap(7 5/8…I got a big dome): One thing you will almost always see me with is a baseball cap. Sorry, New Boyz, I haven’t worn a snapback since the early 90s when they were first in style. I stick to New Era fitteds only. My New Era collection is no where as bad as my sneaker collection but I do have quite a few. An essential to me because I look at fitteds as my hairstyle considering I have a shaved head and age/heredity has taken quite a few of my hair away…hair that I will never see again.

2. Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Card Holder: An essential for obvious reasons. This is the only real LV anything I have owned(at least it better be real DJ Ayebert). I’m not really into LV, Gucci, and those other high-end brands. Not that I can’t really afford it but quite frankly, I’d rather spend my money on other things(like sneakers lol).

3. In4mation x Casio G-Shock watch: Watches have become less of an essential and more of an accessory since I carry a cell phone with me and I have a Fuel Band(DAMN! I forgot to include that in here!). I’m not a big collector of watches like other guys I know but I do own a couple of G-Shocks(mostly collaborations with some of my favorite fashion/streetwear brands). I do own one Rolex which was a college graduation gift from my parents. That rarely gets worn though since I try to save it for nicer occasions(that, and I need to get it re-sized for my fat wrist).

4. Rayban prescription glasses/Acuvue Oasys contacts: I’m pretty blind. Enough said. I do prefer wearing my glasses over my contacts. I’ll take comfort and looking like a nerd any day(technically, I am a nerd anyway). I usually save the contacts for when I’m playing basketball or at dance rehearsals.

5. iPhone 4S + usb charger: Took me a while but I finally jumped over to the darkside and now own an iPhone. Out of all of the items pictured, this is the one that makes me feel the most naked if I happen to forget it at home. I can’t function properly. How else am I going to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and sports news? Oh, I guess you can throw phone calls in there even though I rarely use my cell phone to make calls. Of course you can’t go anywhere without the charger for your iPhone. As much as I use mine, there’s no way I can get through the day without needing to recharge my battery at least once.

6. Keys: I’m one of those people who carries a ridiculous amount of keys. I have keys for my cars(3 of them), house keys, keys to my room, keys to my parents’ house, keys to our Vegas time share, keys to the shop, and keys that I honestly can’t remember what they are for(I should probably get rid of those). Then add a Supreme flashlight, key fob from SNMTLCo, and various store club cards, you would think I work at a high school as a PE teacher or as a janitor.

7. “Hall of Fame” (dance team) Dog Tag and “Rooted Movement” lace locks: I’m not big on jewelry, this is about it as much as I wear. I have to represent my crews. haha

8. Nike Air Max 90 (H.O.A.) “Infrared”: Being that I’m a sneaker guy, you know I had to throw a pair of sneakers in here. I mostly rock runners/trainers now a days with Air Max 90s being my all time fave. Out of my whole collection, AM90s cover almost 25% of it. Style and comfort, it’s pretty hard to beat.

9. Ari Marcopoulos x Incase Camera Sling Bag: Last but not least…I carry this bag with me almost every where I go, even to work (though nothing inside has anything to do with my actual job). Inside you will find my Canon T3i, Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens, Canon 35 2.0 lens, Canon 580EX II flash, remote trigger, various lens filters, chargers, iPod Classic, and my iPad. You would think if I have this with me almost all the time, I’d be taking more pictures and blogging more but alas, I fail (I’m trying though!).

Well, there you have it, my “essentials”. Post a link to your blog in the comment area if you decide to do one as well. I would love to read about yours!

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