21 Mercer Nike iD Studio, New York City

Recently I posted a blog on the Footage website about my trip to the Nike iD Studio in Santa Monica, CA. (Read about it here: “Custom Build”) However, this wasn’t my first time to go to a Nike iD studio to do a design. Almost a year ago, while on a visit to New York City, I had the opportunity to do a design at 21 Mercer located in the historic SoHo neighborhood. 21 Mercer is home to Nike Sportswear and also one of the main Nike iD Studios and the only studio to house Nike’s “Bespoke” program.

Read more about my trip to 21 Mercer and check out a few pictures after the jump.

It was pretty difficult finding the location of 21 Mercer. Even though we were armed with the GPS on our phones, the homie, Ray, and I probably spent an extra 15-20 minutes walking around in the same general area looking for the store. I thought we were going to miss our appointment(In order to do an iD at 21 Mercer, you must call ahead to set up an appointment). It really didn’t help that all the buildings in the SoHo area began to look the same.

Like I mentioned above, 21 Mercer is the home of the Nike Sportswear Collection. These snowboarding jackets were a part of the NSW collection and according to the employee we talked to, was originally set for a Japan only release. I really regret not buying those Air Footscape Wovens on the shelf.

Entrnace to the iD Studio which is located in the rear of the 21 Mercer Building

Ray taking some pictures of the sample iDs.

By appointment only.

Some sample iDs. (messing around with the tilt filter on my camera)

I thought this was a nifty idea. A Kobe VI iD inspired by the Kobe V “Bruce Lee”. I like how they used the number “11” to represent the claw marks in the actual “Bruce Lee” Kobe V.

“NSW 21M” Air Max 90 iD.

The actual iD studio inside 21 Mercer including a little waiting area. During the time that I was taking these pictures, we were in the back waiting for the consultant we would be working with. I found out later that I wasn’t suppose to take pictures in the studio area. Opps!!

More sample iDs.

Thread used in the stitching.

After a 4-5 weeks after my design was placed, I finally received my Air Max 90 iD:

I was pretty happy with the final production of my iD. My only gripe would be that the suede looked faded, like my shoes were actually an old, beat pair.

Ray’s Air Max 1 iD:

We thought this would be the only iDs we would be doing that trip but on our last day in NYC, we stopped by Niketown in Midtown East and found us both doing one more iD. I didn’t take any pictures inside Niketown, but here’s the other Air Max 90 iD that I ended up doing:

I have to admit, doing iDs can be addicting(and very expensive!).

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