Holla what?!

Well, looks like I failed at keeping up with this blog like I had planned. I was catching up on one of the blogs I read and the writer had written, “When life gets busy, my creative outlet seems to be the first thing I shut off.” I’m not going to lie, I do the same thing. I haven’t written in here in a few months and I’ve rarely picked up my camera(other than to do WDYWT shots or other sneaker related shots) since picking up my iphone and joining the darkside. But when I’m actually in the midst of things going on in my life, I always think, this would make for a great blog post or that would make a nice picture. Yet, I don’t do anything about it. And then I’ll complain to myself, I never have time to do the things I like doing. Sad cycle ain’t it? Well, here’s my attempt at getting back on track. Either that, or this is my one post every couple of months (haha)

One creative outlet that I recently became re-aquinated with is dance. Late last year I was invited to join a brand new exhibition dance team being started by Karl Flores and Neil Grecia, both of whom I danced with on Barkada Modern during my college days. The idea behind the team was to invite dancers/alumni from various competitive dance teams in the LA/OC area who had left their respective teams because they had to “move on”, “grow up”, or just couldn’t keep up with the hours needed to be on a competitive dance team any longer but still had the passion for dancing and performing. This team would be named, “Hall of Fame” (trust me when I say  you don’t want to know what the original name was going to be LOL). Check out the video of our debut performance at World of Dance Los Angeles a few weeks ago:  

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at WOD LA and good job as well to my family, Barkada Modern. Place or no place, I’m very proud of you all! Good job!

Be sure to check out both Hall of Fame and Barkada Modern this Sunday, May 6, 2012 at Ultimate Brawl XII in Riverside, California:

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