Fresh Communication Podcast Episode 37

*Blows off the dust*

It’s been quite some time since I last posted in here. I’ve been wanting to get back into it but there hasn’t been much for me to write about. I guess I could still go back and write about my Japan trip but I still haven’t even touched any of the pictures or video I took on that trip. It’s almost to that “why bother now” stage. I was hoping to go to JCCS (Japan Classic Car Show) this past weekend to get some coverage, but I ended up going to work that day. I did, however, have the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast, Fresh Communication.


For the past couple of years, I’ve been mostly listening to various “nerd culture” podcasts. More so than I have been listening to music to be honest. Fresh Communication is one of the recent ones I started listening to which actually combines the two, “nerd culture” and music. The show is hosted by M. Dafoe (aka Intext) and Lucio Barbarino (aka Crosshatch). The first half of each podcast usually consist of them talking about various topics from the “nerd culture” including toys, video games, movies, comics, etc. The second half of the show, they talk about music they’ve been listening to and a chosen album of the week that they have a discussion about.

I’ve been listening to the show since about the beginning and interacting with Intext and Crosshatch through Facebook but I never expected they’d invite me to be a guest on the show. Especially since I’ve never been on or done a podcast before. I did have a fun time being on the show, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was nervous leading up to the recording. We had some interesting conversations, including experiences with paranormal activity. The album we ended up discussing was Binary Star’s “Masters of the Universe“. Give the episode a listen to hear our thoughts on the album.

Shout out and thank you to Intext and Crosshatch for having me. Be sure to give the guys a follow.

Episode 37: Binary Star

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beeezytravels: Fresh Tokyo Meet 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I told myself I wanted to make it a goal in 2017 to start blogging again. Not just for the sake of posting on here but in hopes it would also push me to start shooting with my camera again. I was toying with the idea of trying the whole vlogging thing but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable being in front of the camera.

With that being said, I recently just got back from Japan, my first real vacation in maybe 7 years and my first time leaving the country since 1997 when I came to the mainland (United States, for you people not from Guam or Hawaii). It was also my first time in Japan in 20 years as well. Last time I was in Japan was in high school for the Far East Basketball Tournament. This time I was in Japan along with 30+ other people for 8 days as a part of the Dsport Magazine Tokyo Auto Salon Tour. I had been wanting to go on this tour for some time but this year my cousin finally convinced me to go (even though he ended up not going himself; more on that in another post).

I intend to do a legit recap of each day I was there along with videos and pictures but in the mean time, here’s a short video I took from the Fresh Tokyo Meet in Odaiba the night before Tokyo Auto Salon. We got there a little late and the cops had already began shutting it down. We were still able to see some cool cars though. Excuse my super fast panning. I was honestly overwhelmed just being there that I was just walking around pointing my phone everywhere. Plus, I didn’t want to get left behind and have to figure out how to get back to the hotel (it was just our second night there). I wish I had known we were going there after dinner otherwise I would have brought my DSLR or GoPro. Oh well, better than having no footage. Nothing fancy. Enjoy and stay tuned for more posts from my Japan trip coming soon.

Ride to Killer Scooter Super Sunday 2016

I had some free time this past weekend so I thought I’d give it a shot and make a video from Super Sunday that recently passed. Keep in mind, that I’ve NEVER edited a video before and I still don’t really know all the settings and features on my GoPro or iMovie (sorry, no fancy editing program here), so please excuse the newbness. I realized I have so much footage and I really wanted to capture the day as much as I can so I split the coverage into 2 parts. This part consists of the ride and meet up to go to the beginning of Super Sunday. The next part will be footage from the the actual meet up spot and the ride for Super Sunday. Of course, that’s if I don’t get lazy to edit and make it. Making this videos is alot more time consuming than I thought LOL

For now, enjoy my ride to Super Sunday 2016.

(Watch it on YouTube: )

Stay tune for Part 2…hopefully LOL

Killer Super Sunday 2016 – May 1, 2016

This past Sunday (May 1, 2016) was the annual Total Ruckus Killer Scooter Super Sunday Meet and Ride in Southern California. Unlike last year where I attended as a spectator, this year, my current Ruckus was ready and I was able to attend and go on the actual ride…well, most of it at least. One of the guys who I rode with this year had work and was also having issues with his Ruckus barely being able to go 30mph. So after the first gas stop of the ride, we decided to turn around and head back. However, considering I rode all the way from my house in Pomona, CA to the meet up spot in Long Beach and then the first portion of the ride, I think overrall, I got my ride’s worth for Super Sunday. My body was aching by the time I got home so I can only imagine how I would have felt if I had done the whole ride to Pechanga and back. Maybe next year, we’ll truck the bikes to the first meet up spot and do the whole ride. Who knows, but I’m definitely looking forward to next year. Hopefully next year, I’ll have the Ruckus ready to go a week before the event so I can join in the Super Sunday pre-parties that they normally have at Steady Garage, Drowsports, and Rucksters. One thing I learned this year is that the day of the ride is such a rush, you really don’t get to stop, check out the bikes and talk/meet fellow owners. I hope to make it a point to chill and meet more people next year.

On to the pictures. I didn’t take as many pictures as I did at last year’s meet for two reasons. One, it seems like there was alot more bikes this year and everyone parked in bunches and clumps, making it hard to get a lot of decent shots of the bikes. Two, I kept getting scared that I’d get left behind while putting my gear back into my backpack so I ended up putting my camera away early which means I also didn’t get any shots of people on their bikes. Here are a few shots I got that day. The rest can be found on my flickr account here: FLICKR

First meet up spot at Drowsports.

Riderz Blok and San Diego came out in full force.

A few of the guys from OC Ruckin. I still have to come out to one of their Tuesday night rides.


New year, new blog post: Project #Rucksofresh Update

First blog of the new year. Been a while since I updated this. I want to say that I’m going to make it a habit of blogging again, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll keep up. I actually want to try vlogging but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, decided to start by doing an update on my ruckus project, “#Ruckusofresh”. The project is actually finished. Of course it wouldn’t be without quite a few “hiccups” along the way.

First, found out the brand new 11-pole stator I had bought was actually bad, so I bought another one. Replaced the starter bandix TWICE. Upgraded the starter cable and added a thicker ground cable because it was struggling to start due to the high compression on the 180cc Big Bore GY6 motor.

The guys at Steady Garage helped me alot in getting all the “hiccups” squared away and then I had them tune it for me since they had the dyno and all that jazz. Everything has been running pretty smoothly since then and I rode it a few times before I was offered a deal that was a little hard to refuse. My friend who had Steady Garage build two Zuma 125 swapped Rucks for him and his wife, asked me if I wanted to buy the one that was built for his wife since his wife said she doesn’t see herself riding it as often as they thought she would. We agreed on a price and terms and this bike is now being parted out to help pay for the other bike.

I decided to do a little “photoshoot” before the part out.

I’m lowkey sad that I can’t keep both bikes and have to part this one out. It was a fun “rebuild” (even with all the bumps along the way). I learned a lot about Honda Ruckus and bikes in general because of this little project. Maybe I’ll start another project from the ground up and start another build thread. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy riding my “new” ruckus and maybe tinker with that one a bit. She needs a name though.

Till next time.

Killer Scooter Super Sunday 2015 Recap Videos

For those who went to Killer Scooter’s Super Sunday 2015 meet and ride (or unfortunately couldn’t attend), here’s a few recap videos to check out. Watching them makes me really wish I was able to get the Ruckus done in time for the ride. Looks like a “killer” time (pun intended). It also makes me wish I knew how to edit videos. I still haven’t really put my GoPro to use. Hopefully soon, once I get to ride again. Anyway, enjoy the videos! If you have a video from Super Sunday 2015 and would like me to add it here, comment with the link or email me:

From @trentonmays on IG:

From @tgasulo on IG:

From Mikegigabyte on Youtube:

From @ierucks on IG:

Killerscooter Super Sunday 2015 from IERucks on Vimeo.

Till Next Time,

Killer Super Sunday – May 3, 2015

Well, Super Sunday Weekend has come and gone. It’s crazy how it’s almost been a year now owning my Ruckus. I remember getting it last year and just missing Super Sunday 2014 and thinking, “Okay, I’m going next year”. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to finish my Ruckus in time to join in on the ride this year. And because I was busy TRYING to make it to Super Sunday, I missed out on the various pre-Super Sunday activities. Note to self…DON’T WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE TO GET YOUR RUCKUS READY NEXT YEAR!! I was pretty bummed about not having my Ruck ready in time but I decided to go anyway to atleast experience being there and grab a few shots of other people’s builds. Plus the homie, Delooh was still planning to ride even if I couldn’t so I thought I’d go and be of support to him. Unfortunately, he ran into some problems on the way to Super Sunday, so he too, didn’t get to go on the ride. NEXT YEAR! lol Anyway, here are a few shots I took of the meetup location. I missed quite a few nice builds I wanted to see in person but there was so much to take in that I just ended up grabbing a shot of anything that caught my eye and forgot to look for those builds. Anyway, on to the pictures (if you’re not a blog reader, here’s the link to my pictures on Flickr: Killer Scooter Super Sunday ).

Pulled up to the meeting spot and it was already full of various types of 2 wheel coolness. One section of the parking lot.

Of course there were quite a few Groms (and a sprinkle of Zumas) in attendance

Not the biggest fan of the seat cover, but still a nice, simple, and clean Ruckus

I LOVED the paint on this Grom. It’s unfortunate that I couldnt’ find the owner around to ask him to remove his jacket